Can you believe it?

Do you ever do something and wonder what you were thinking of?  And even though you know what you were thinking of it doesn’t make it any better.

Shortly after I moved in with The Architect I changed from using Microsoft to Apple.  My Christmas present from him was a top of the range,  very large Apple iMac desktop.  I had an iPhone for manny years then a month after that  Christmas I bought an iPad.  So there I was with three Apples all communicating via Blue Tooth and so it seemed sensible to invest in an Apple laptop.  So a couple of weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and buy one.

Apple laptop

Over the past many months, even  before I thought of buying a new laptop, I had been copying files from the old laptop to the Apple iMac.  So when my son suggested that he put the Toshiba on Trade Me (our version of E- Bay) I agreed.

At the weekend he picked it up and checked that I had copied everything I needed off it and proceeded to clear the hard drive.  Oh yes, you have guessed.  Today when I was looking for something on the computer I realised that I hadn’t saved any of the work from my years as a Life Coach.  All the programmes I devised  and the courses I had run are now whiling away the time in the ether.

Well I have nobody to blame but me – and as I have spent years advising my clients that what we say to ourselves is what we believe.  So no – I’m not stupid .  I really believed that everything on that Toshiba .was backed up.  Well we all make mistakes and what is the expression about crying over spilt milk.

I’ll probably never need any of that material again but wouldn’t it have been nice to look at occasionally, just to see what I had achieved.  Oh well – back to the drawing board.

“Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.”
Sophia Loren, Italian Actress, 1934-



22 responses to “Can you believe it?

  1. life sometimes gets in the way of our own big plans for ourselves – )


  2. Oh no, and we were just talking about your Life Coach career the other day! Would there be a record anywhere else?


    • I guess it is really a question of self-promotion as I haven’t used any of it for three years. Its not the end of the world but I did kick myself when it happened.


  3. You have my very deepest sympathy – but on a positive note, you don’t rely on that stuff any more. It would have been much worse if you were still making daily use of it.


  4. I’ve done something similar. I saved lots to a Zip drive only to look on the Zip drive later to find that the program used on the old computer was out dated. I got gibberish. I finally decided it was the universe’s way of telling me I didn’t need the old stuff. I was to move forward and create. All the same I’m sorry this happened to you!


    • Thanks for the comment and he sympathy On the bright side Linda I haven’t even looked at it for over three years so in the scheme of things it isn’t that bad. Your disaster was much worse,


  5. I am so sorry. That is a horrible feeling to know your files are lost.


  6. You may find that you don’t miss them a bit. That’s what happened when I lost everything on a hard drive that crashed . . . pictures, financial records, etc. Since I couldn’t get them back, I let them go and simplified future record keeping.

    In time, I concluded that losing them was “good thing.”

    If you want to have a record of that time in your life, you could write up a short synopsis of the materials you prepared for using as a Life Coach. That synopsis will be a “concrete” reminder of what you had achieved.


    • Thanks Nancy. Well I hadn’t looked at it in over 3 years so it probably isn’t relevant to my life now. And that’s a good idea about he synopsis. Maybe I’ll “get a round toit” someday.


  7. I had a computer crash. Everything on it gone. Even computer geek couldn’t retrieve anything. It happened a few years ago and I was very upset. Today I remember just about nothing that was on that computer and I thought it was all so important. Strange isn’t it?

    Great quote. I may use it for In Other Words one day.


    • Hi Patricia. All its over 3 years since I looked at it and it is really self promotion. So I think i’ll just let it go. Thanks for the comment. And that quote – it’s great isn’t it.


  8. Love your stories

    On Aug 23, 2016 4:58 AM, “I choose how I will spend the rest of my life” wrote:

    > judithhb posted: “Do you ever do something and wonder what you were > thinking of? And even though you know what you were thinking of it doesn’t > make it any better. Shortly after I moved in with The Architect I changed > from using Microsoft to Apple. My Christmas present f” >


  9. I had an incident with photos. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Possibly some of your clients would have info, if needed?


  10. Been there and done that which is why one of my rants is to think before acting. And try as I do, I am do first and regret and then think. Keeps me humble.


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