Six Word Saturday Again!

Wow, it’s Saturday again.  Time for Six Word Saturday


Amongst the things they tell you to avoid following brain injury, is alcohol.

It’s an accepted fact that I’m not a great drinker – my late husband used to say I was the cheapest drunk in Wellington – 2 drinks and I was ready to leave the party.  But just occasionally, on a lovely Saturday afternoon like today’s, I would really love a cold G&T.  That would make my day complete I’m sure.



Sitting with the laptop on lap (where else) and another cup of tea beside me, I know what is missing is the G&T.

Nobody gives any indication on when alcohol may once again be consumed and so I am not going there, as they say (who says?).  So until “they” say I can have the odd drink  – is Gin & Tonic odd? – I’ll sip my tea and give thanks that I am able to do so.  After such an accident I could well have been left unable to enjoy tea in the sun.

And of course, as I have said before I’m English So I Drink Tea


You can have the other words-chance, luck, coincidence, serendipity.
I’ll take grace. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’ll take it. ”
Mary Oliver


12 responses to “Six Word Saturday Again!

  1. As long as you can enjoy a cup of tea, you are OK! ❤


  2. Well said,, Judith. I was amazed to discover that gin is once again very trendy in thr UK, with all kinds of designer flavours as well as the good old classic brands. As an American friend here in Switzerland has recently duscovered G&T I brought her a bottle of gin from duty-free – a little different but very good on a hot sunny afternoon by the pool.


    • As a gin drinker your friend will quickly get to know her favourites. Each one has a slightly different taste. My two favourites are Blue Sapphire and Tanqueray although provided there is schweppes tonic to go with it Ill not be too fussy.


  3. I must admit life is better with tea. As Auntie Fran says, there is no problem that can’t be helped with a little tea. Now how do you take your tea?


  4. Cheers to your being able to have that cup of tea in the sunshine!


  5. I’m glad you’re following doctor’s orders. 😀


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