All Talked Out? I Wonder


This week’s 100 word Challenge from Tara at Thin spiral notebook calls upon us to use the word Loquacious in a story in 100 words.  But this week she is adding an extra twist – the story must be in exactly 100 words but it must also be in only one sentence.

Quite a challenge.  Well, today Microsoft is playing games.  I finished my story with the exact number of words and sentences to find it all disappear into the ether.  So what is it about me and computers?

Anyway – here is my second attempt:

If I had known just how loquacious she was I would never have agreed
to sit beside her on the train journey to the weekend retreat;
all through the journey she regaled me with talk about her awful husband,
her children and grandchildren taking no notice of the changes in scenery
that flew past the window or of the climate changes that could be seen on the ride from Wellington to Auckland on this great winter’s day and she showed
no interest in anything other than herself and her family,
so I was very pleased when we reached our destination.

Tara used train lines in hero pst and that’s what prompted my response to her challenge




23 responses to “All Talked Out? I Wonder

  1. A very clever response to such a difficult challenge.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. Wow, you said a lot in 100 words. Well done.

  3. I thought I would give it a try. Here goes:

    David could never be called loquacious as his responses to most anything always consisted of one or two words so you never really knew what he was thinking or feeling, which was very frustrating to a talkative person like Maggie who wanted to know everything and opened up her heart and soul to anyone who would listen even strangers, embarrassing David who thought she simply talked too much and shared way more of her life than she respectably should, causing him to say even less and creating a rift as deep as the Grand Canyon between the two of them.

    Whew, that was not as easy as I thought it would be.

  4. Excellent Judith and Darlene! I am rushing off to early morning appointment but may give this a try later!

  5. A wonderful job. The sentence flowed so well.

  6. I love the way this read! I don’t know if it’s because you mentioned trains, but it really felt like watching scenery go by in the window.

  7. Bravo, Judith! Kat Avila wrote that it read like watching scenery go by the window and I agree.

  8. Thank you so much.
    Japan time, is at 19 days am9.
    Every day, home garden has screamed in the intense heat of 35 ~ 37 ℃.
    Buddhist memorial service of the father of 49 days was also the end.
    Best regards in the future.
    I wish you good luck.

    • Thank you. I have read many of your posts and am learning more about your lovely country. I have had a short 5 days visit some time ago and plan to return some time

  9. You did great but I don’t think I will even try.

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