Wet, Windy, Wellington Wednesday

“Instructions for living a life Pay attention.
Be astonished.  Tell about it.”
Mary Oliver

Today I have read several posts on August in the Northern Hemisphere.  Picnics, walks, swims and holidays seem to be on the minds of most of you.  But it’s winter here.


And how easily we are fooled.  Having been lulled into a false sense of security with days of mild, almost windless weather we woke up this morning to a typical winter’s day here in Wellington.

The rain fell out of the sky and the wind moaned and shook trees and roofs around our Capital City.

We know that Wellington is the most Windy City in the world.  Yes, it even beats Chicago.  We regularly (how often?) have gale force winds but hey, this all adds to the wind power that generates the turbines around the city.

According to The Telegraph reporter Karl Mathieson on October 15, 2015 “Judging which is the world’s windiest city is tricky, as no global database for cities exists and measurement techniques are not standardised. Other contenders include Rio Gallegos and Punta Arenas in Argentina and Chile’s windswept southern Patagonia. St John’s in Canada is North America’s windiest city,”

Wellington’s Acting Mayor Justin Lester waxes effusive over the benefits of Wellington’s windy record.  “Sailors, windsurfers and kite-surfers come from afar to ride the vortex. Air pollution is non-existent as any fumes are whipped away and wind power is harnessed for electricity.

Perhaps the best thing of all, it breeds a bunch of sturdy, resilient Wellingtonians who aren’t fazed by a little bit of wind.” he says

And we are told by those who know, that this weather is set to continue for the rest of the week.  So what shall I be doing?

Drink tea

Looking forward to it.

And from Percy Bysshe Shelley in Ode to the West Wind –

“If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

















10 responses to “Wet, Windy, Wellington Wednesday

  1. We don’t really have winter but this is our coolest time of the year. Looking forward to daily temperatures being back in low 20s.


    • Well the wind and rain have eventually moved on and today we have lovely, warm sunshine. Here we can have everything, rain, hail, sunshine and wind, in one day.


      • well I guess it never gets boring! Here, the weather can be different from one end of a street to the other with no extremes, ever, tho. I like that. a lot.


  2. Keep warm and dry!! Now we know the secret of the sturdy, resilient Wellingtonians. We are roasting here in Spain at 35 to 40 degrees C.


  3. Your game plan for the week sounds just right.


  4. oh, we have wind almost all of the time and then we have wind in the winter with blue northers. Take it as it comes and keep reading!


  5. Interesting to learn this about Wellington, the wind. How blessed to have the wind turbines and no air pollution. As long as that wind isn’t cutting one to the bone! A little over a month and we will be into fall (autumn). I’m already laying in my store of books and tea for the cold that lies ahead!


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