I Went For a Walk

I went for a walk today – doesn’t that sound so very basic and normal.  But for me it isn’t normal yet.

I’ve been getting around, being taken places by family friends and a great organisation here called Driving Miss Daisy.  This organisation is quite different to cabs – they come to the house, walk with me to the car, take me wherever I want to go for coffee, lunch,to visit friends or to attend appointments.

But having said how great all these people are there’s nothing quite like being out on your own two legs, walking outside after so long being confined to walking only around the garden.  Yesterday my youngest grandson walked with me to the end of the drive.  It’s uphill and so a bit of a challenge.

Then today, my lovely Physiotherapist took me for a short drive to the next suburb. We parked the car and then walked a short distance to a cafe for coffee.  Suddenly, I felt as if I had some control.  It’s amazing what a difference something as small as a walk away from the house can make.

And looking back a year.  I was totally involved in being with and supporting The Architect as he fought and lost his battle against the imposing tumour.  How different life was then and how it brought home to me once again, that life is short and can be taken in the blink of an eye.

Then I looked further back and remembered this day five years ago –With a Little Help From My Friends.  What a lovely day that was and that is the grandson who walked with me yesterday.  How he has grown in five short years.

And on this day four years ago I was thinking about the names we give our children, and the effects they can have on them  in later life. – Samarra.

This time three years ago I was getting excited about the next stage in my long and lovely life. 

On July 13 2014 the Architect and I were in Edinburgh.  We wet to a restaurant for brunch and I ordered a Bloody Mary but as it was 11.15 am we had to wait until 11.30 am for the bar to be opened.  Strange Scottish alcohol laws. But we spent much of the rest of the day in and around the castle.  Of course, I had lived in Scotland for 8 years at one time but my partner had never been there, and of course as an architect he was fascinated with the old and new buildings.


High Street, Edinburgh

Scottish parliament building in Holyrood Edinburgh

Scottish Parliament Building

So lots of happy memories on this day interspersed with a few not so happy.

But I say I choose how I’ll spend the rest of my life and I choose to look forward.–












22 responses to “I Went For a Walk

  1. We do often take such simple things as taking a walk for granted when truly the simple things are great blessings. I think attitude has a lot to do with what life is like and your attitude is wonderful! Good to be hearing from you.


  2. What a lovely walk for you today, through memories. Life is like that, isn’t it? filled with good times and not so good ones. Sometimes we need someone to be beside us as we walk uphill. And that’s okay. It’s all okay.


  3. How wonderful for you to be out and away from home and walking! We take such things for granted until they are taken away and we have to work to regain them. May your beautiful memories continue to bring courage and happiness! Your attitude is always amazing! Cheers to you!


    • Hello again Jo Nell. Yes we are guilty of taking small and large things for granted I’m now having to reassess many things but hey, I’m still here


  4. Glad to hear you are getting back to yourself. You will feel more confident every day. Time passes and to be able to look back and remember, is a great gift. Now to look forward to your next exciting chapters. Your wordpress friends await your next sharing.


    • Hi Donna. Thanks and congratulations on your new grandson. Glad he decided to arrive before you left. I’m sure at some time he will want to change his name from Apple Pie


  5. This is wonderful news, Judith! A walk is good in so many ways. Wonderful memories you have of your life well-lived.


  6. Well done, Judith. And so true that we should make the most of each moment, never knowing what’s awaiting us next. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.


  7. You know what…I wish for it- A walk with my Husband. He is so busy that I miss these moments. Whenever he is with us, we normally go out by Car. I dream of a walk with him.


  8. Glad to hear that your slowly but surely getting back on your feet.


  9. You are the most amazing person! Many would be crying the blues, but you write a wonderful blog filled with memories and hope. If they could only bottle your attitude and sell it, the world would be a better place. You seem to have a very special bond with your grandson. I read the post from 5 years ago too. Glad to hear you are on your feet again. Soon you will be out and about making more fabulous memories.


  10. walking oh my you will be dancing very soon I am so happy I listen to you my wonderful sister and I make the most of every second of my time with my family and of course my special man as I know it can all be taken awzy from me in the blink of an eye. xx


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