You’re How Old?

Sixty years.  Can it really be that long ago?


March 9 1956 – I know that many of you weren’t even born then, but think back to when you were about to turn 18.  It was the norm then for girls to marry before they were 20.  I hear the gasps and know you are all wondering at the craziness of that.  I had met and gone out with Mr S for about a year, yes even when I was in school  He proposed, we bought a beautiful ring and on March 9 we celebrated our engagement with friends and family.

His family owned a factory that made dresses for various designers and so of course, I had the pick of the season’s dresses.  I thought I looked beautiful.  Unfortunately, no photographs of this event have survived. Well of course we were both only 17 and far too young to know our own minds.  The song that played during the celebration was Nat King Cole singing Too Young.  I’m sure you know that one.

Well we were sure that “this love will last though years may go” but of course, it didn’t.  We continued to see each other, talked about waiting several years before we married, where we would live etc, etc.  It was all very exciting for a young woman/girl.

But then …about a year after this event, I met my DYS (Dashing Young Scotsman) and family lore has it that I went home and announced to the family that I had met the man I was going to marry.  I broke off the engagement to Mr S.  We agreed that our engagement was a mistake.  Well at the time I thought we agreed.  But that’s another story for another day…..

So that young love was really a case of Puppy Love.

As I have always loved dramatics, I gave him back his ring with the words “can we still be friends?” and strangely enough while we weren’t particularly close after that, he and my DYS became firm friends.  Mr S came to the wedding and I have a photo of the day standing between he and my new husband.

So today I’m asking myself “And was I ever that sweet, innocent  17 going on 18 year old who thought the world was made of all things good, just for her?”  And wasn’t I lucky to meet my DYS and not go through with the marriage which no doubt would have been a catastrophe ending in divorce as so many of my friends’ early marriages did?

I have written at length about the marriage I had with my DYS, for the most part, good but with the ups and downs that all relationships experience.

At the beginning of my blogging journey, way back in March 2011 I wrote Yesterday When I Was Young.  Perhaps you might like to read it.

















21 responses to “You’re How Old?

  1. Thanks for the link back…I enjoyed both of these essays! Wonderful memories, thanks for sharing them.


  2. 60 Years Young eh.Hard to believe isn’t it. I’m certain you don’t feel like what you expected 60 to feel like, I know at 65 I certainly don’t. I’m sue someone made an error somewhere.
    I’ve been complaining for some time that the Governments are taxing us on our years and now we only get about 10 months in every year. They go so quickly.I think the tax gets higher the older we get so really we’re probably only about 40.
    If this is your birthday Judith then Penblwydd Hapus. I wish you a wonderful day.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


    • No no David. The engagement party was 60 years ago and my upcoming birthday will bring me to the vast age of …..
      Thanks for the birthday wishes in Welsh. Never before have I been wished happy birthday in that language.
      I like and agree with your thoughts on taxation. I just knew there had to be a reason that the years were flying by so fast.
      XxEnormous hugs from our side of the world to yoursXX


  3. Triggered a few memories for me, too – thank you, Judith! Several of my school friends married their teenage sweethearts, and I’m very relieved to say that most of the marriages lasted, and they have now celebrated their golden weddings. I still meet up with these couples and wonder what the odds are on this happening!


  4. Hi Cat – yes some of my school friends are still married to their childhood sweethearts but more are divorced. How very sad is that.


  5. Thanks for sharing. Amazing the spunk we had when that young! I got married at 19, married for 34 years in a few months. I don’t regret getting married young, but I’m glad my own children have decided to live a little before getting married.


  6. My! I remember that song well as I am not far behind you in age. Thanks for sharing your young memories. Glad you waited for your DYS! One never can judge whether a marriage will last or not based on age. My sister and husband married at 16 and 19 and are still married at 84 and 87. Cheers to the years!


    • Yes when a marriage is good it’s good and lasting. Nether of my sisters’ marriages lasted and so I consider myself particularly blessed to have had my DYS for 41 years.


  7. I am always surprised when I remember something that happened 60 years ago. The time has gone so fast I have a hard time accepting that I am as old as I am.☺


    • Hi Patricia. Yes time certainly lies past and we wonder where all the hours, days, onto months and years have gone and hen we sit back and take our memory suitcase out of the closet. Ah, so that’s where hey went.


  8. My mother was a fan of Charles Aznavour so his music was a part of our home. Songs seemed to mean something or tell a story back then. I enjoyed both posts…a little window into your young years. How is it that time moves so quickly and we can never again be who we were!


    • Hi Joss. The comment I made didn’t make too much sense. So here it is edited…
      Time just flies and suddenly as the song says ‘we’re in the autumn of our lives’. But what a great journey I’ve been on. I hope you can say the same.

      Liked by 1 person

      • So far, the second half has definitely surpassed the first. I have no doubt that I will look back and know it has been an amazing journey. Phew. Got a hitch in my heart while writing that.


  9. It is always funny how things work out. I did marry my high school sweetheart at 17 and had 2 fabulous children from the marriage. Later, when I met my now husband (of 39 years), I knew immediately that he was the one. If I had met him first, I wouldn’t have my wonderful children so I am happy it all worked out the way it did. And yes, first husband and I are still friends.


    • Glad you met up again with your now husband. And 39 years – wow that’s some record. We were married (my DYS and me) for 41 years before he died. You’re going to surpass that in many years. Congratulations.


  10. The fact that I love Nat probably dates me, as well. Belated birthday greetings! Make it a good one 🙂


  11. I want to grow up to be you! Met my Handsome the day I entered the university. Married him the day after we graduated. I promised my daddy that I would wait until I got out of school. We did…by about 24 hours. It will be 35 years in May! Glad I found your blog!


    • Thank you for that comment. I met and married my Dashing Young Scotsman when I was 19 and we had 41 years together. Glad your young love has worked and is working out for you. Look after each other. You don’t know what tomorrow may Bing. 🙂

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