Follow Up on Rant.

Oh dear me.  I set that last post to be posted today – February 16.  Wordpress decided in its wisdom to post it yesterday.  Ho hum.

And following on the rant – no word from any source about the furniture.  I did call the carriers again today (they were supposed to call ME yesterday) to be told that the furniture was on its way to Wellington.  Hurrah!  But when will t be delivered.  Apparently the driver will call me tonight and tell me when.  Oh really.  Not hanging by my thumbs waiting.

End of follow up rant.

But the sun is still shining and all’s well with the world.  Unless that is, you have been waiting for furniture delivery for weeks.

I have so very little to complain about when I look around me.  Several friends drifting into dementia, some battling life threatening illnesses, one battling and helping her son through depression – and I am fit and well.

End of another post. 


12 responses to “Follow Up on Rant.

  1. Amen for counting our blessings. I hope you see your furniture soon, and it turns out to be perfect. You’ve certainly had a time of it.


  2. I really feel for you, Judith – yes, we can count our blessings and be grateful for our own good fortune, but it still hurts to see loved ones less fortunate and struggling. Hope the furniture comes soon and that in the meantime, you have somewhere to sit!


  3. We just need to look around to appreciate what we have. Life is good! ❤


  4. Yes, you are fortunate! And I have much to be thankful for every day and appreciate the simple things in life. Fingers crossed on the furniture!


  5. Really! I label these types of problems as,”problems of the affluent.” Still they are problems.


  6. I’ve had that problem with WordPress before. I’ve found that ( if you notice it soon enough) you can go back to the schedule button, re-schedule it for when you intended, and it disappears again until then. Leaves visitors wondering, I’m sure, but what the hell…


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