Barbara was surprised to receive such a warm response from Sandy.  She thought never to hear from her again.

Then she began to question whether in fact it was a friendly response . Maybe by the time they met (if she agreed to do so) Sandy would have had a change of mind and taken legal advice about what Barbara had done.  Once again she thought she would talk to James to see what he thought.  After all there was no hurry to answer this email.

As soon as she arrived at work, Barbara called James to arrange to meet him at lunch time.  Once again, the time dragged until 1 pm when it was time.

James was smiling broadly when he saw Barbara enter the cafe , but he could see from her face that she was still worried.  After ordering and taking their seats James asked “So, did you send the email?”

“Oh yes and I have had a response.”she replied. “Sandy said that she was very upset at what I had done.  How I set out to deceive her but she would like to meet me again to discuss it. I really think she is prepared to forgive me.”

“But do you want to meet her again”

After sitting for a while in silence, eating her food, Barbara said “I think I owe it to her.  After all because of me, her secret has been brought to light and a whole lot of old wounds have been opened again.

I don’t feel I can just walk away now.  Other people know her secret and they’re involved in this. How will she go back to the way things were before I brought all this on her?”

Now James sat quietly for a few moments.  He pushed away his plate, leaned his arms on the table and said “Well, if thats really how you feel, then you must answer the email and agree to meet her.  Otherwise you’ll be bugged by this little adventure for the rest of your life.

Now let’s have a cup of coffee and let me tell you about a good thing that’s happened in my life.”

“Oh I’m sorry James.  I’ve been so wrapped up in myself and this affair, that I didn’t ask you how you got on at your interview.”

“Well, the good news is that I have been promoted to Sales Supervisor.  Next step manager and then the sky’s the limit.  I haven’t told anybody else about it.  I wanted you to be the first to know.” he said with a huge grin on his face “and it means a substantial raise too.  So now perhaps we can talk about seeing more of each other.  Perhaps even going on a proper date, rather than just sharing lunch occasionally.”

Barbra had no idea that James felt this way.  She had always seen him as a friend; oh a good friend in whom she could confide but as a boyfriend?  She didn’t want to hurt him as he had been so good and understanding, but she wasn’t sure about him as a boyfriend.  So she said “Let me just get this meeting with Sandy over and then we can talk about us.”

James, being James, agreed.  He really liked Barbara and wanted to her to be his girlfriend, in fact much more than just a girlfriend, but he knew she had to get this situation with Sandy sorted out before she could move on.

So with a smile and a friendly peck on the cheek he stood to leave.  “Promise you’ll let me know when you are going to meet Sandy.  And you do know if you want me to come with you, you only have to ask.  In any event, let me know what happens.” so saying he left her sitting at the table.

But she knew she had to go back to the office and compose her response to Sandy. She also had to think about this situation with James.  She thought “two weeks ago my life was simple, but now I have not only sort out the situation I’ve created with Sandy, but also any change in my relationship with James.”

“Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Episode 15 – The Sandy Saga.




4 responses to “Surprises

  1. Oooh, Exciting. 😊


  2. She’s a little ball of confusion now.I do hope at the end she sees herself in a relationship with James rather than possibly losing such a close and supportive friend.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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