On this day three years ago I wrote about helping my daughter move house –A Tiring Day.  I note that I said “Never want to move again”.  Well the best laid plans and all that.

Since that day three years ago I have moved twice and am saying once again “Never want to move again”.

And the help I gave my daughter at that time has been returned in so many ways, particularly helping me after the death of The Architect.  I count my daughter amongst my most treasured blessings.


The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
Oscar Wilde



7 responses to “Remembering

  1. It’s always so good for the heart when family and friends show up to help and support. Makes all the days we have more valuable.


  2. Yes friends and family are invaluable.


  3. You are blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. I am sure she considers herself to be lucky to have you for a mother.


  4. Having a daughter, I understand what you mean. No one knows us like our family. To have her for a friend is priceless.


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