Sunday in the Summer Sun

Another glorious day on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand comes to an end.

I spent this day with my son and his wife lying at the side of their pool and idly gossiping passing the time of day. How very pleasant it was. Hot sun and cool drinks, perfect.  But it was a tall glass of lime and soda for me – our drink drive laws are very strict and so as I was driving home tonight, I had no alcohol. But who needs alcohol to enjoy oneself?

I did briefly think of Sandy and her dilemma but decided that could wait to be sorted out on another day.

Raumati jpg

Sunset at Raumati Beach.

 And the sunset at the beach reminded me of one of my favourite Max Lucado quotes 

“Next time a sunrise steals your breath or a meadow of flowers leave you speechless,
remain that way. Say nothing, and listen as heaven whispers,
“Do you like it? I did it just for you.”


12 responses to “Sunday in the Summer Sun

  1. Sounds idyllic. We need to savour these moments. Love the quote.


  2. Love that quote!!


  3. Beautiful photo! I never tire of sunset photos. Enjoy those warm summer nights.


  4. Sounds like a lovely day and topped up with that gorgeous sunset.


  5. Sounds like a perfect evening to savor!


  6. What a beautiful sunset! How nice to have family near to visit.


    • Yes I’m so lucky. I am in the same house as my daughter, albeit in a separate apartment and some 40 minutes from my son. Many of my friends have children scattered around the world. Fortunately mine came home and have settled here.

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