From Strength to Strength

“You gave me strength to stand alone again
To face the world out on my own again
You put me high upon a pedestal
So high that I could almost see eternity”
You Needed Me sung by Anne Murray

Today’s post is all about me.  I heard Anne Murray singing this song on the radio and these four lines jumped out at me.

Family, friends both in the real world and in the blogosphere have given me the “strength to stand alone again” after the sudden death of the Architect.  So thank you all.

Have you read Sara Henderson’s “From Strength to Strength”?  It and the follow up “The Strength in Us All” were given to me  by my sn on his father’s sudden death some 18 years ago  

Sarah tells of her early marriage to a gung-ho American entrepreneur in the 1950’s, his infidelities in Hong Kong in the 1960’s, and finally, upon her husband’s early death, discovering he has left her virtually bankrupt on a million acre property in the Australian outback with 3 young daughters to raise alone. The book delves into her struggles to prevent the bank foreclosing, but much more than that, it tells the story of one woman’s courage and will to go on.  So with this example I picked myself up and went on with life.  And I’m doing so again now.

If you haven’t read these books I suggest you get copies.  Both are available at Amazon in print and kindle form.  Enjoy.

“Don’t wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel,
stride down there and light the
bloody thing yourself.”
Sara Henderson



17 responses to “From Strength to Strength

  1. Very powerful. I will look for those books. It’s a powerful story.


  2. You’re a remarkable woman Judith. It’s nice to see you posting again.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  3. I am pleased to see you are finding strength in reading. I am sure it helps. You impress me with your strength of character. Not sure i would be as strong. Sending hugs from Spain.


  4. Thanks Judith I have made note of her name. It is nice to know the wonderful support you have so you can stand alone.

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  5. I’m sorry, Judith. I hadn’t realised. Very hard to pick yourself up and carry on. I love the song. You have to find strength from wherever you can. I’m lucky and haven’t really been tested in this department yet.


    • Well I suppose if you do something enough times it gets easier. Now I’m on the second round of picking myself up. Not sure it’s any easier but this time I know I can get through it. Thanks for the comment Jo

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  6. Oh, Judith, you are an inspiration to us all! You are amazing! I love the quote at the end.


  7. I don’t doubt that you could write a book and encourage others as you have been encouraged. You have led a remarkable life.


  8. I love that quote you ended with!


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