Mea Culpa

crying face

Some of us have committed to write a post every day  Well…….

I must apologise. Yesterday was one of those days. It started with a smoothie followed by tea. Then a call from a friend to meet for lunch. So I took off leaving the moving friends to their own devices.

Lunch of course moved into the next stage – two women shopping. Then back to this friends house for a cup of tea. Tea didn’t materialise but gin did. Then the house moving friends turned up so the beginning of a party developed.  Then neighbours were called and it turned out two of the men had been at school together. So one drink turned into several.

By the time we left to go home nobody has given any thought to dinner.  Then, one of those aha! moments.  We were passing the Golden Arches and that’s where we ate

Two large gins and tonic followed by a 99% Angus burger and chips do not make for a settled night.

So my friends that’s why there was no email yesterday. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.




18 responses to “Mea Culpa

  1. I think it sounds like you had a perfect day! No apologising! c


  2. As you spread forgiveness, so are you forgiven! What a wonderful excuse. Much better than ” the dog ate my home work.” Right on!


  3. heh heh. We need days with a bit too much gin once in a while. I did come looking for you and if I’d known you were gathering and eating and drinking I would have rushed down to join in.


  4. I have my fingers crossed you feel A1 OK today. I think there was no apology due as we’re all allowed a little break but consider yourself forgiven anyway.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  5. Gin and tea – you’re still English, then, after all these years!


  6. Never apologize for having fun. Just a little oops with tea, eh”


  7. At least you had fun! That is what it is all about. Life is meant to be enjoyed. ❤


  8. It sounds as if a good time was had by all! Cheers for life’s surprises and no apologies! Have a good weekend. Gin instead of tea – not bad, I suppose.


  9. It sounds like you had quite a time of it. Blogs will wait, life needs to be lived.


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