Musing and Meandering

“In a world where thrushes sing and willow trees are golden in the spring, boredom should have been included among the seven deadly sins.”
Elizabeth Goudge, English author of romance novels and short stories1900-1984

The rush and bustle of the holiday season has for me at least, calmed down. But of course, for most of New Zealand, this is holiday time, the time for the family’s annual vacation.

When I first came to New Zealand oh so many years ago, the whole place shut down for at least two weeks over this time. Every business closed on Christmas Eve and apart from some corner stores, all businesses stayed closed until well into the New Year. Very frustrating for a newcomer. Now, of course, business is as usual except for the statutory holidays – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and the following one. Retailers operate on every day except Christmas Day.

So if I’m not on holiday (although when one is retired each day is a holiday) what am I doing? Well, at last, I have seen the end of the interminable/innumerable packing boxes from my move. This has been the most difficult of all 20 plus moves I have made in my life. The moving was exacerbated by the fact that I was moving into a much smaller space. But now that is done and the Salvation Army has been the recipient of many things that I am sure will be of use to others.

The living room is looking more like home and I know that I can be happy here. Of course, added to this is the benefit of having my daughter and her two teenage boys in the house too.

So I looked around for something to do. I tried my hand at staining an old bookcase and am pleased to say that it turned out quite well. I then started on an old table that had suffered severe water damage from a plant having been placed upon it. That too turned out well. Now my daughter and her boys are running from me in case I try to stain them or any of their belongings. It’s a good thing I tackled that job on New Year’s Day because since then it has rained almost non stop.

On Christmas Eve the SKY TV man eventually came and installed the television. Lucky for me as today has been mostly catching up on programmes interspersed with catching up on my reading.

Perhaps when I’m thinking of things for which to be grateful today’s rainfall will feature. It certainly will for the farmers in the South Island who are facing drought conditions this early in the summer season.

So nothing much changes in my writing. I write on anything and everything that comes into this aged mind. Until tomorrow dear friends, and thank you for reading my meanderings.



This particularly  for Chris and Donna















24 responses to “Musing and Meandering

  1. Well done on clearing the packing boxes after the move, Very well done on staining the furniture and the end result. May this , your final move(?) be seventh heaven for you.
    Happy New Year
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


  2. Perfect as usual dear girl! As of yesterday I am back to my place and feel like it is home. Lets hope ‘the boxes’ are behind for now. I love the book and the invitation!


  3. I “undid” holiday at our house yesterday too and back to normal. An exciting time for new adventures and explorations and things to do. Love the quote!


    • Hi Jodi. Christmas seems to come and go quicker each year, but it’s always good to get the house back to normal. I hope 2016 is an exciting and adventurous time for you. I’m going over to your site to see what you are up to. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  4. Moving is so hard! I don’t know that I’d have the stamina for it anymore, though I used to do it twice a year. What a great start to the new year, being settled in! Thanks!


    • Hi Judith, Donna’s son Michael got married yesterday in Winnipeg so I have not heard from the mother of the groom yet.  I was invited but had promised to do the animal/house sitting thing so could not go.  I just figured out that to belong to Joss’ daily blogging group the required tag is ‘dailybloggies’. We have a fresh layer of snow today and the temp is around 1 but the wind chill makes it about minus 7 Celsius.Have a wonderful day!C


      • WordPress does seem to like to put obstacles in our way. The response has now come through but as if you are replying to Cindy. So please explain to me the tag daily bloggies for Joss’ group. I don’t understand.
        I have just finished painting the small deck outside the living room on a lovely summer’s day. Sorry it’s so cold where you are. JX


    • Thanks Cindy. This move was particularly hard as I had to move my stuff out of the house I shared with my partner into a house owned by a friend and then into my new home once the tenant had moved out and redecorating etc was complete. But all is well now.


  5. Nice to hear that you are settling in and have family there too. You seem to have boundless energy! I agree with you book quote at the end. Cheers!


  6. All the best for 2016! Glad you are moved in and settled. We moved to a much smaller place in Spain so had to get used to less stuff and limited space. It took awhile but have come to grips with it. Its so nice here we spend most of the time outside anyway. I´m please to hear you have your daughter and grandsons with you. Sending New Years hugs across the continents!


    • Hi Darlene and I suppose it is endless summer in Spain. We are in summer here so we spend time outside too. I have just finished painting the small deck outside the living room so it will be even more pleasant to sit out there.


  7. I have lived in the same place for 20 years. When I was young I moved every year or two. I think I should move now just to clear clutter. Nice that you have family with you.


    • Hi there Patricia. The very longest I have ever lived in one place ws 12 years when the children were growing up. I seem to have the moving bug but hopefully this is the last move. And now everything is in place I am beginning to feel settled here. Thanks for the comment.

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  8. I remember the days when everything closed down, do the lawyers and accountants still take the two weeks off? I hope so – it was kind of cool how we could all have a holiday together once a year.. c


    • Hi Cecilia. Yes all professional offices still close down for two weeks. My daughter has been on holiday since 23 December and goes back to work on 11 January.. So nothing much changes


  9. thank you for sharing your meanderings with us. It comforts me to have you present this way.
    When you are posting each day and choosing ‘tags’. if you create one called dailybloggies and choose it each day, it will connect us across the blogosphere.

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  10. Happy to hear you are getting settled in, and will have family near, too!


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