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Just when everything seems to be going your way, something comes along and hits you smack in the face.  Well, a few days ago that’s what happened to me.

My partner (the Architect) was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  He became confused and mixed up 2 weeks ago and was admitted to hospital about 10 days ago.  He has had a biopsy that confirmed the initial diagnosis.

But all is not lost.  He is on steroids which are reducing the swelling and today he was about 85% back to normal.  They propose to continue the steroids and next week we shall see an oncologist to determine whether he will have radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

So that’s where I have been these last few days.









And then tonight I went to check my emails to see that I had 3,765 emails in the Junk folder.  And that’s where all the emails announcing that you have written a new post have landed.  Google or WordPress?  One or other is going mad.

So apologies for not reading or responding to your posts.  Life got in the way.


27 responses to “Six Word Saturday

  1. Oh no! I’m right there with you.
    We’ve had a similar diagnosis with Mum-in-law over the last two weeks. 😦
    Her outlook is promising, I really hope your architect is the same. Hang in there, it’s the waiting and wondering which gets you.


  2. What a shock, Judith. Hopefully with the best of treatment he’s going to be all right soon. Hugs from Uta.


  3. Live in the present, Judith – focus on the here and now. Wishing you lots of strength and loving support. Hugs.


  4. Thinking of you and your partner as you go through whatever is necessary. Sorry to hear


  5. What a change from 10 days ago, Judith. Fingers crossed that the architect rebounds from this challenging challenge.

    Life is a crap shoot . . . sometimes we get the Royal Flush!


  6. Sending prayers for love and strength Judith. As you and I know it is the waiting, and don’t tumors require so much waiting? You are both very much in my mind and heart. Chris


  7. My heart goes out to you all the way across the world Judith. Hold on. Just hold on.


  8. Oh, Judith, I am SO sorry to hear this! Please know you and your partner are in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings to you both!
    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Thanks I’m buoyed up by all the love and support from my friends in the blogosphere. Hugs to you and Sarah


  9. What a kick in the behind! Prayers for strength and peace and restoration of good health.


  10. Just take care of your partner! Your news is a reminder to enjoy every day right now!


  11. I´ve been away so sorry I am late with my response. I am sending positive thoughts your way, wishing all the best to your partner. Take care of each other. ❤


  12. Well, that was shocking news. I hope all is going well for you, and the architect. Hugs and prayers sent.


  13. I understand all the emotions. Did 43 radiations for prostate cancer a while back.


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