Daily Archives: June 27, 2015

Six Word Saturday

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Just when everything seems to be going your way, something comes along and hits you smack in the face.  Well, a few days ago that’s what happened to me.

My partner (the Architect) was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  He became confused and mixed up 2 weeks ago and was admitted to hospital about 10 days ago.  He has had a biopsy that confirmed the initial diagnosis.

But all is not lost.  He is on steroids which are reducing the swelling and today he was about 85% back to normal.  They propose to continue the steroids and next week we shall see an oncologist to determine whether he will have radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

So that’s where I have been these last few days.









And then tonight I went to check my emails to see that I had 3,765 emails in the Junk folder.  And that’s where all the emails announcing that you have written a new post have landed.  Google or WordPress?  One or other is going mad.

So apologies for not reading or responding to your posts.  Life got in the way.