An Inferno


Photo – J A Craig

She had loved Dante’s Inferno since first being presented a copy to read for English Literature classes so many years ago.  And now she wondered was this the closest she would get to Dante’s Inferno in this life?

She stood there, totally surrounded by mist, mesmerised by the sight of great gusts of steam emanating from the ground accompanied by the roar of a fast approaching steam locomotive.

As she walked slowly past a pool that resembled a boiling cauldron she remembered reading that the indigenous people, the Maoris, still used the heat from this activity for cooking and heating their houses as they had done for centuries.

On her return home on the other side of the world, she needed to have these photos as evidence that this was in fact real and not a figment of her very active imagination.

This week’s word is STEAM.  I thought as few people might have seen the
Geo thermal activity producing clouds of steam, I
would use this as the setting for my Five Sentence story this week.
Click here to play along

Lillie McFerrin Writes

10 responses to “An Inferno

  1. Like it! It is true that sometimes those with active imaginations are not believed. But the world would be a bore without those folks.


  2. Thanks Patricia. When one first is introduced to this phenomenon it does appear to be unbelievable. Thanks for the comment.


  3. I love this one. Would be a great sight to see!


  4. An excellent use of five sentences. Your experience is filled with suspense! 🙂


    • It’s quite scary the first time you see this activity. Steam, spouting water and bubbling mid – I think it’s like Dante’s Inferno. 🙂


  5. very intense story, love it!


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