Trusting Family

Recently I discovered Five Sentence Fiction  and decided to try my hand at writing a story in only five sentences.
This week’s word is FAMILY.

The soldiers burst into the school, yelling, shouting orders and firing rifles.  The children, scared, huddled together under their desks trying to hide from the angry men.  But they were soon discovered and brought out of hiding with the girls being separated from the boys who were locked into the school hall with the staff.

Then the terrified girls were herded onto buses and quickly driven away from the school.

Only then, when the firing had ceased and the yelling had stopped and it was possible to think, did the petrified child think of her family and knew they would find her and take her home again.

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13 responses to “Trusting Family

  1. Such a lot covered in just 5 sentences. Well done, it was excellent.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. You surprised me with this story. Not what I exprvtrd from you. I like this kind of sutprise. Looking forward to your next FSF.


  3. Or expected either. 🙂


  4. I am greatly impressed! Reminds me our book club recent read – “Thirty Girls.”


  5. Well done. An important story and great take on the prompt.


  6. Scarlet Embers



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