Worrisome WordPress

sware words

I have just discovered that all my widgets, badges etc have disappeared from the sidebar and I can’t quite work out how to get them back.  They have been there for several years.

I have been to the forums/fora with no success.  And I also noticed that I have been publishing with a bright green background for a few weeks.

Has WordPress gone mad or have I.  Is this perhaps the work of the dreaded new format.  If anyone can give me some help it would be very much appreciated.

6 responses to “Worrisome WordPress

  1. Oh dear, good luck. 🙂


  2. Can’t offer any advice, I’m afraid – I’ve never known how to manage the sidebar. But I haven’t seen a green background to your blog, if that’s any consolation. I don’t like the new editing page, either -if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


  3. WordPress has been doing some wacky things. Some days I have to maneuver around just to figure out how to comment or post!


  4. It does seem unusual.
    I suppose you have gone into the administration section and all seems OK there?
    the only ting I can suggest is to do what you have done and contact support.


  5. If you go into Admin, Appearance, Widgets are they all down in the bottom section marked Inactive? If so you can drag and drop them up to where you want them in the Primary Widget Area column on the right.


  6. I see only a white background and no widgets. Have you tried just adding them again? Good luck!


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