A Helping Hand…

It was a vicious attack on an old man. He had been walking his dog in the local park when he was approached by a couple of lads. They looked alright and didn’t appear to pose any threat. They were chatting and laughing as they approached him.

“Good afternoon sir” said the younger one and suddenly he knocked the old man down. Laughing he kicked him in the ribs and then just as suddenly walked away chatting to his friends.

This attack was witnessed by a number of people but only one, another older man came to the victim’s aid.


The challenge is to write a story in 100 words having been given a word.  This week’s word is Vicious.

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Note – this is based on a real life happening.  My father was out walking when he was approached by a gang o youths.  they were chased away by another elderly man while the younger folk looked on.


12 thoughts on “A Helping Hand…

    1. It’s worrying that young men and sometimes young women, think it is OK to taunt and hurt old people. Is it something lacking in their education or in their home

  1. I’ll use no names and point no fingers, but a slightly aging gentleman who I know very well was standing in the queue at a kebab kiosk after placing his order and paying. He was waiting for his kebab to be put together when a group of much younger partiers arrived and pushed to the front.
    One lad, showing off to his girlfriend and his mates, “rattled the cage” of the elderly gentlemen and with one very swift left hook the elderly gentlemen put him on his back on the floor – much to the amusement of his girlfriend and other mates. The kiosk owner handed the gentleman his food and wished him a good evening as he left.
    This could have all ended up going so horribly wrong and I do worry about the elderly gentlemen out on his own sometimes without a leash.
    But I do often wish I could muster just a little of his red mist for myself sometimes. 🙂

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  3. That is truly a sad story. Of how society created so many cruel, indifferent, even evil people. Even more sad that the young has lost their respect for their elders and lost that very thing that makes them human…their heart if not their soul.

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