More WordPress Grumbles

I read this from Viv at Vivinfrance’s blog.   I am pleased to read that I am not alone in disliking (hate is too harsh a word) the new format.  I find it unwieldy but now have found how I can use the original.  Thank you Viv.

My next grumble is that I am receiving very few of the posts from bloggers that I follow.  Some that I have been following since I began blogging four years ago.  I have to resubscribe.  Bah bah WordPress.

Off to subscribe to all those bloggers of whom I have lost track.



9 responses to “More WordPress Grumbles

  1. I too have suddenly found that I’m getting no posts from some blogs I follow and yet I was getting them recently. Having to go back in and requesting posts be sent is a pain.
    I was delighted to find I could still use the old format as I didn’t care for the new one. The choice to change should be ours and the original left on until we exercise that choice.Not as seems to be, a change to the new one which I have to keep converting back. Why make life more complicated?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • Hi David – I wonder how long they will keep the old format for posts? As you say the choice should be ours and I don’t think the new format is better or easier to use. Hugs from NZ.


  2. I hope I’m not one of the ones you lost track of. I am a technophobe, s any changes to WordPress makes me feel as if I was in a technical earthquake and everything I understand about the Dashboard is going to come crashing down around me


  3. I dislike the new format as well.


  4. Hi Judith, I too am getting bumped and have to keep having to search and sign again. I had to do it with you and Cecilia. Feeling good here. Spring and sun have arrived in Southern Ontario!


    • Sunshine makes us all feel so much better. Moving into Autumn/Fall here and daylight saving ends soon. Will be sorry to see summertime go. Glad you are feeling good. Take care dear friend. Hugs and love from NZ


  5. Glad to see you back, Judith! Life has been busy, so I’m having a hard time keeping up with everyone.


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