There’s Always Wednesday

Through the busy years bringing up her children there had always been Wednesday to look forward to. And it didn’t matter what mood he was in when he returned from work, taciturn or just plain mean, she always had her books to disappear into.

Wednesday was special to her, her day for the library. From an early age she communicated her love of books to her children and enjoyed their excitement at finally discovering how to read.

And now she was here, waiting in the communal hall for the library bus to come with its books offering excitement and pleasure.

This week’s word was Library.  How did I do?

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19 responses to “There’s Always Wednesday

  1. You did a great job.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. I know that feeling!

  3. Wonderfully. 🙂

  4. I was completely drawn in and then realized it stopped at 100 words. Very nice.

    • Thanks Georgette. I love the challenge of a telling story in 100 words. this is the second one I have attempted. T he other was Tea Drinkers Unite.

  5. Yes- I was right there! Could do with a good snuggle up in a library right about now 🙂

  6. You captured the feeling I had as a kid when the Bookmobile came to town . . . BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS!

    • i see the obile library outside the school here each week and wonder does it bring the excitement to thosechildren of the technology world.

      • I expect that most young kids still love books ~ just think of the millions of Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, etc., books sold.

  7. I like it! Libraries are great places to get lost in words 🙂

  8. many times when we have moved to a new area I have spent hours in libraries while husband was at work and children at school

  9. Excellently describes the library and a good book.

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