Tea Drinkers Unite

It had been a tiring day. Visit to the hospital, discussions with the doctor, the therapist and of course, her mother. It was very distressing that her mother barely recognised her; she often thought her a nurse.

The one bright moment in the harrowing afternoon was when an orderly brought the tea tray. At that moment her mother reverted to how she used to be, graciously pouring tea into the bone china cups and offering cake and biscuits.

This ritual of offering and accepting the cup of tea brought her mother back to her, if only for a short time.

The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words.
This week’s theme is “Cup”

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15 responses to “Tea Drinkers Unite

  1. So tender. Thank you for contributing!


  2. It is amazingly how deeply ingrained rituals can recall us back to ourselves. This situation is not unknown to me, although not personally thank goodness, and my thoughts are with you, and with anyone who has to grapple with this situation


  3. This was really good! In fact, this is a perfect response to the challenge!


  4. Lovely. You were able to convey a lot of emotion in only 100 Words. Well done.


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  6. I am not sure if a link to the recognizable past by the person is a matter of delight for us or a moment of sadness.


  7. Sweet, but sad story. It feels very real.


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