Writing 101 – Point of View

I just had to reblog this post. Thoughtful and inspiring it makes my effort look miserly and mean as I commented to Laura.

Goddess on the Go

I know my mother needs company, and I know my doctor said it’s time to simplify my responsibilities. But just because AIDS is taking my life away in a few months doesn’t mean it should take my dog away too.

My sister tells me that all I need to do is visit mom in her assisted living home to spend as much time as I want with Garbo. She tells me its a win-win because Mom will get the visit too. She tells me mom needs all the company she can get.

I’m the one who’s weak. I tire easier than Mom. Mom’s taking Tai Chi classes and heading up the gallery committee while I am the sick man melting away with lesions, knitting sweaters for Garbo to keep blood circulation in my fingers. Garbo is the only true friend who always stuck by my side. Garbo doesn’t judge me…

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