Writing 101: Serially Lost

Day 4 and the challenge is – Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more. and Today’s twist: Make today’s post the first in a three-post series.

I have tried writing a serial before.  It was about two women and their hats and their adventures.  I really enjoyed that.  But now we are asked to write about a loss and then to make this the first in a three-post series,

So what to write about?  Apart from the great loss in my life, the next loss was that of my darling companion Miss Lotte. It was a beautiful summer day; I had just had lunch and was sitting down to a cup of tea and a new magazine when I heard this horrendous sound of someone in great pain.  I looked around and found my darling little Tibetan spaniel writhing on the ground.  She had been lying in the sun and once before she had been affected by the heat.  At that time the vet told me to pick her up and speak to her quietly so she would know all was well.  I did that but I could see we were in great trouble.  So I wrapped her in her blanket and drove to my vet.  Apparently, she was very near death – he didn’t know if she had eaten anything poisonous, unlikely as she was confined to our garden, or whether she had suffered a heart attack.

I left Miss Lotte at the vets and spent a miserable afternoon without my loving companion.  But I was allowed to pick her up some hours later.  She was to be kept quiet, no walks just rest and hopefully, all would be well.

Lotte sleeping after her trip to the vets.

Unfortunately, there was no happy ending for Lotte and me.  She had to be put to sleep a few days later,  She suffered another major heart attack one evening and I had to take her to the emergency vet, where I was told that the best thing I could do for my darling was to let her go.  How sad that was.  But although she had a very short life it had been a happy and full life with me, my friends and grandsons who all loved her.

So I said goodbye to my friend.  And farewelled her with the words I used when my husband died – “Soar high; Fly free; Breathe easy”.

LotteLotte Baxter,
Loving friend, faithful companion
2006-2013  RIP















17 responses to “Writing 101: Serially Lost

  1. There’s not much to say after such a sad loss. It may not be the depth of pain felt from losing a loved one but the feeling is still acute and the space left behind enormous. I hope you have a new companion who is as much a loving friends as Lotte was Judith.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. Anyone who has had to make that terrible decision will know and empathise with the heartbreak. Touchingly told with not too much pathos, Judith – but i’m wiping a tear away all the same.


  3. So sad the story is.


  4. How dear they are to our hearts…….


  5. As with my wonderful Alice, I tried to cope with the pain of losing her by blocking her out of my thoughts completely but over time I’ve realised I was losing the good memories along with the bad. I hope you have managed to reach the stage where the bad memory of the loss is fading and the happy memories still remain almost as strong as if they were yesterday, if not yet, then hold on a little longer, it will happen. 🙂


  6. She was such a sweetie. I always enjoyed seeing her in your posts.


  7. Oh no that brought me to tears again. How tragic bless her. Did you ever get another dog?
    I love your farewell message x


    • I did get another dog a poodle, but shortly thereafter I met up with my new love, The Architect who didn’t like dogs. So the beautiful Miss Bella went to live with a friend. We have joint custody and I get to see her when I want although she now lives some 6 hours drive away. But she has been a godsend to my friend who was going through an awful patch, so everyone is happy. I hope you find another companion soon.


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