Having Fun in Italy

Men in boat

I omitted this photo from the last post.  It shows two men rowing on Lake Como in a typical rowing boat and in a typical stance.

We have been so busy with friends and sightseeing that there seems no time to write my blogs.  So here is a condensed version of the last 11 days.

Week beginning 5 May (what a long time ago that seems)

Galleria Milan

Galleria, Milan

Monday morning found us on an early train from Como to Milan.  I have only ever spent a day in this city many years ago with my late husband so I was looking forward to rediscovering its joys.

Of course we went to the top of the Duomo and admired the view from such a height.  They are busy cleaning all the stone parapets and adornments – a virtual hive of activity.

Duomo Milan

Duomo Milan2

We took the lift u as far as we could and then climbed the remainder of the stairs.  I wish I were 20 years younger.  Wandering around the roof area we s the men working, suspended high above the street as they cleaned the facade.

Then we went into the Galleria – a wondrous building in which were all the fashionable shops of the world.

Prada Models - Milan

Display window – Prada Shop

And of course, the stunning mosaic floor in the centre

Galleria Mosaic floor Milan

We ate lunch in a rooftop restaurant and looked down on the city.


Street in Milan

We were enchanted by the narrow streets once we got away from the hustle and bustle around the city centre.

La Scala Milan

Of course we went to see La Scala – but what an unimposing building for such a world famous Opera House.

Oh and the crowning glory to the day?  I insisted on a drink in the Galleria – E28 for a G&T and a beer – $NZ44 and $US38.  Not something to be repeated often.

So tired and happy we caught the train back to our friends/family in Como.

Wednesday found us wandering the back streets of Como on our own.

Lane in Como

Como side streetNowhere escapes the scourge of the graffitti artists.

Statue in Como

My partner, the architect, was entranced by this statue.

Friday found us boarding the express train to Venice.  How I looked forward to this trip – third time lucky for me to visit Venice.

Of course, we visited the Railto Bridge, St Marks Square, the Bridge of Sighs and all the main tourist spots but most of the time was spent in the little alleys and backstreets far away from the hoards of tourists.  One day there were three huge liners docked close in and they each disgourged a couple of thousand tourists.

St Mark's Square

St Mark’s Square

Another small canal

A small canal

A quite back street canal

A quite back street canal

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge

We spent several hours at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and I was entranced by the statue garden.


The plaque at the entrance to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum

The plaque at the entrance to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum

In the Peggy Guggenheim Statue Garden

In the Peggy Guggenheim Statue Garden

Henry Moore in the Peggy Guggenheim Statue Garden

Henry Moore in the Peggy Guggenheim Statue Garden

Woman statue Peggy Guggenheim Statue Garden

Woman statue Peggy Guggenheim Statue Garden

Where does this passage lead?

Where does this passage lead?

One day we went to the Jewish Ghetto established in 1516 established under special laws of the Government of the Republic.  Jews were confined to this area and could not leave from sunset till dawn.  The area was closed in by gates watched over by guards.

The Ghetto existed for two and half centuries until Napoleon conquered Venice and tore down the gates allowing Jews the freedom to live wherever they wanted.  Many still live in this small enclave containing houses, restaurants and businesses particular to the Jewish people.

Shops and apartments Jewish Ghetto Venice

Shops and apartments Jewish Ghetto Venice


Plaza - Jewish Ghetto Venice

Plaza – Jewish Ghetto Venice

And some 1000 more photos to bore our friends with when we return.

And now we are getting ready for our foray into Spain.  this time our friends in Como will accompany us for the first 12 days, leaving us after Granada.

I hope you are enjoying this trip as much as we are.

Note:  The photographs with dates are mine, all the rest are courtesy of my       partner, Jon Craig.




17 responses to “Having Fun in Italy

  1. I find myself reliving my trip to Italy through your pictures today! I am so glad that I “clicked”. Such a lovely place with some lovely architecture and sights to see. I loved seeing each and every picture and reliving my own memories. Thanks!

    • Thanks Beth Ann. Glad I was able to remind you of your lovely time in Italy. Thoroughly enjoying ourselves in Europe – now in Spain. I shall post some more photos shortly.

  2. I visited the Jewish Ghetto when I was in Venice and was so glad I did. We visited one of the synagogues which was just beautiful. I also purchased some original artwork from a local Jewish artist and it still hangs on my wall today.

    • We enjoyed Venice and since then we have been in synagogues in Toledo and Cordoba neither of which are still used for worship Nevertheless it was interesting to see how three different cultures managed to live comfortably together in both Toledo and Cordoba for several centuries.

  3. It sounds like you ae having a marvelous time. Thanks for sharing your great pictures. Enjoy Spain. It is where we are planning to move to before the end of the year.

  4. Wonderful photographs. What a great holiday.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. Beautiful photos, Judith. Thank you so much for sharing and telling us about the places you’ve been to in Italy. Must be an absolutely marvellous trip —Enjoy! Thinking of you, Uta. 🙂

  6. Oh Love it sound wonderful and I wont be bored put all your photos up on my page for me , I did not realise there was a Jewish Ghetto in Venice so I have learnt a new fact. But I would have love to have seen all you have seen, But I may be going to italy will message you, So glad you are both enjoying it all and is Jon now losing all his stress give him my love and my love to you as well. Love xx

    • Hi Darling. The Jewish Ghetto in Venice is/was the oldest in Europe. It was quite fascinating. Since then we have seen the Jewish Quarter in both Toledo and Cordoba. Amazing how Christians, Jews and Muslims managed to live peaceably together for several centuries. What has happened?
      We are having a great time and I am still waiting to hear when you are going to Italy. Love XX

  7. Looks like a great time and lots of things to see. I can’t imagine cleaning at those heights!

  8. hope youre having a great time in Spain/Italy!!!
    Please write another post soon…(No Rush :D)

  9. Lovely pictures, especially those of Venice, how wonderful to be just a train ride away.
    Your post sounds so happy, when you finally return home, looking forward to hearing many more photographic memories from you. 😀

  10. Judith, I was a college English and literature major when I traveled in Europe, and Italy, in general and specific, stole my heart and imagination. The Bridge of Sighs was woven into many of my classroom lectures, and there I actually was!
    Thank you for the wonderful blend of pictures…and reminders of why I want to go back.

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