Easter 2014

So far this hasn’t been a particularly Happy Easter here.

Fire at storage unit

Following the fire in the storage units last week we checked the cartons for damage, smoke and water, and took the worst of them away to deal with the contents either by drying or by tossing out. On Friday with my daughter and her two sons, we revisited the new storage unit with the intention of allowing her to remove the outdoor furniture and other things she wanted for her new house.

What confronted us then was a whole lot of soggy cardboard cartons piled on top of each other in a haphazard way. When the movers installed the goods into the lockup we asked that any wet cartons be placed to the front so that we could easily access them. The cartons they put in the front were those we moved early this week. But on second looking there were probably 20 more cartons that were sodden.

We moved some of these; my daughter and her sons cleared everything out of the unit and repacked it so that we could at least see what was there. Then thoroughly exhausted we repaired to her house to unload the things they wanted and for a much-needed rest before all going out to dinner.

Saturday found us back at the storage facility, this time without my daughter but with her sons, with the intention of repacking the soaked boxes. What a thoroughly nasty job that was.

I was fairly lucky in that I only lost two beds and mattresses, some clothes and shoes whereas others lost everything.



The good news is that the arsonist was caught fairly quickly and has been charged with setting the fire. But this doesn’t help all those who have lost so much.

So today, Easter Sunday, we are having a quiet day at home, albeit still washing things recovered and tomorrow we will go to the facility for the final time, taking those things still to be stored until we return from Europe at the end of July.

“Everything is funny, if you can laugh at it.”
― Lewis Carroll




















13 responses to “Easter 2014

  1. How awful for everyone involved with that storage facility. I hope you managed to salvage photos and old letters. That’s where my priority would lie anyway. I can imagine that its all very stressful though, and a lot of hard work.


  2. Happy Easter in spite of it all. Have a great trip. I look forward to the posts.


  3. Oh dear, I guess it’s lucky you went back when you did instead of thinking everything was sorted and leaving it until you were ready for it.
    Not a good weekend for you now, but at least your mind can rest easy now. 🙂


  4. I’m sorry your Easter break is proving to be anything but. My fingers are crossed that the original storage unit has insurance to cover eventualities like this so maybe you can replace what you lost.So lucky it wasn’t photographs and suchlike. Difficult I know but you’ll have to try and put this from your mind so it doesn’t spoil your time away. Perhaps things will have dried and appear brighter on your return.
    xxx Sending Huge Hugs your way xxx


  5. Oh, no, that sounds like a terrible amount of work. Glad, however, that you didn’t lose too much–at least compared to other. Happy Easter, nonetheless, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  6. That doesn’t sound particularly fun… I am glad you have recovered some of your belongings. It is sad that some have lost more.


  7. It’s hard to laugh about things like this at the time. How senseless a loss because of arson. Godspeed, Judith.


  8. What a mess! It is good that you have help in clearing it all up and that your loss was minimal. Glad the arsonist was caught quickly so he won’t hurt others. When do you leave for Europe? I am so far behind in blog world.


  9. I will look forward to following your next adventures. You always keep your sense of humor! Sorry for your loss.


  10. What a difficult time you have had Judith, and I am so sorry for all the things lost. But I have also been very happy to see you back in the blog-us-fear and I am now looking forward to reading more of your travels and adventures. Take care and enjoy your trip to Europe. I know you will build many memories that no fire can destroy.


  11. Sorry, Judith, about the fire and its aftermath. Still, now you can be looking forward to an exciting time in Europe. Enjoy it! 🙂


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