Florence Day 5

Well I don’t know what the workmen were digging towards but the reverberations made the apartment shake at 7 am .  A rather rude awakening.

I started the day early with a Skype call during which I talked to my partner’s two little granddaughters.  They were agog to see me and when he showed them where I m on the globe  they were even more amazed.  But as they grow older they will take these modern miracles of technology for granted.

I decided that I wouldn’t go into the city today and instead would wander around this neighbourhood to see what it is like.  So I started off with the idea that before I left I would do the washing.  What a good idea except that I couldn’t get the machine to work..  A call on the next door neighbour was needed. The wife answered the door and came into the apartment, looked at the washing machine, shook her head and said something about her marito and supermercado  so I assumed she would send her husband in  when he returned from the supermarket.  Next a ring on the doorbell and Guilliano the husband appeared.  He is a large jovial fellow who went out to the shed that houses the laundry, fiddled with a few knobs and then I think he said he couldn’t make it work and would call Ornella the mother of the owner.  She was particularly unhelpful telling him to push the knob we had both been pushing.  So after molto grazie from me and prego from him he left.  Shortly thereafter the doorbell went again – turning out to be a busy morning.  There was the neighbour and his daughter Bette who spoke un po Inglesie.  So we trouped out again to the washing machine.  Bette pushed the knobs that we had, checked the water was connected and the electricity connected, shook her head and admitted failure.  So the outcome?  undies washed by hand in the hand basin in the bathroom.  Oh well they are now clean again.  And it really was like something out of a sitcom comedy – perhaps the Big Bang with Sheldon in charge.

Well after all that I needed a sit down and a cup of coffee.  So I didn’t get out until after lunch time to start exploring the neighbourhood.

Florence Day 5 017

I started with macchiato a usual but as it was after 1pm I didn’t have a brioche instead I had a Panini type sandwich.

Florence Day 5 013

Florence Day 5 004

Complete disregard for pedestrians

No parking's the same in any language I guess

No parking’s the same in any language I guess
The footpaths are in a shocking state of disrepair

The footpaths are in a shocking state of disrepair

Florence Day 5 009

Some really grand buildings-now converted into apartments

Some really grand buildings-now converted into apartments

Florence Day 5 014

A smart homeware shop – the only shop in the street. Unfortunately, it was closed for the siesta.


And another buildingAnother nice building

Bikes and more bikes

Bikes and more bikes

Auto shop 2

Auto shop

A repair shop around every corner

A repair shop around every corner

Another beauty shop

And almost as many beauty shops

Beauty shop

A bridal gown shop

A bridal gown shopFlorence Day 5 019

A car audio shop

A car audio shop

School of Music

School of Music

Florence Day 5 031




Florence Day 5 023

Woman was sitting in window watching the world go by

Woman was sitting in window watching the world go by




Tennis court inside dome

Tennis court inside dome

Roof o dome

Roof of dome

This was a fascinating way to spend a few hours just rambling around the district.




21 responses to “Florence Day 5

  1. I hope you can find a launderette if you need to wash anything more than just undies! Or maybe your neighbour will let you use her machine?

  2. I agree, a launderette sounds like a good idea too.
    Have you thought of looking at your area on something like Google maps ? You might be amazed at the hidden gems you can find by looking at things from a different angle. 🙂

  3. Well . . . there’s just one solution. You must buy Italian Fashions! Not the wash and wear type. The wear and wear and wear without washing type!

    Looks like an interesting place to poke your nose about.

  4. A very funny story. It gave me a chuckle. Life is always funnier than sit coms.

  5. Reminds me of our two months stay in Berlin one year ago. Our unit was right in the center of the city with a beautiful, huge park, called ‘Tiergarten’ right in front of us and very efficient public transport a few steps from our door. Marvellous position. You could not wish for anything better. However our bed-sitter apartment had no washing machine and there was no launderette anywhere that we could have used. Peter gave his shirts for washing and ironing to a close-by shop. Our linen and towels were regularly changed by a woman employed by the owner. But this was about it. We had to resort to washing the necessary things in the bathtub. There was a washing line provided above the bathtub. We could also use an airer at the close by patio for drying.
    Your rambling around the district resulted in many very interesting, beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. By the way this kind of digging work that goes on in your neighbourhood we experienced too when we were staying in Berlin. But we resided on the seventh floor! So it was not too bad. They had many days in between when they didn’t do any work at all. By the time we left Berlin, the work still had not been finished!
    Good luck to you, dear Judith. There is a lot of beauty in life, right? So enjoy as much as you can. 🙂

  6. Sounds like fun…washing aside…enjoy.

  7. I’m enjoying your Florence posts and am living vicariously through you. Except for the washing machine aggravation – I can get that right here at home 🙂 Hope that is resolved soon because hand washing is a huge hassle!

  8. Thank you for letting us tag along!

  9. What a lovely neighborhood! I hope you get many more chances to explore. Just today I happened on a travel program featuring the Ponte Vecchio and thought of you.

  10. I had to laugh at your mention of Sheldon. We love The Big Bang Theory. Sorry you had trouble getting your laundry done. Thanks for giving us a peek at your neighborhood.

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