Florence Day 4

Well today started out as usual with a long Skype call from New Zealand, then a warm shower and out of the door for breakfast.

Florence Day 4 005

But before breakfast I had to remove the rubbish.  There is no rubbish collection and householders take their garbage to collection bins.  These are all around this suburb.  So recycling is alive and well in Florence.

Florence Day 3 2013 008

Then into my favourite place for breakfast.  This is the sight that greats one as one enters the premises.  Mouth watering to say the least.  But I stuck to my macchiato and brioche.

Then the bus into town.  Yesterday I was accosted by two separate people one to ask directions and the other for my signature on a petition against drugs.  This second girl/woman chattered away to me in Italian and when I told her “Non parlo Italiano” or I don’t speak Italian she then switched to English and told me that I looked like an Italian.  I think maybe that was a compliment; certainly when I look at the fashionable Italian women around this city.

And today on the autobus on the way to town I was asked the way to the Santa Maria Novella train station.  This was easy with a few pointed fingers particularly as it was almost exactly opposite where the bus stopped.  She spoke Italian and I understood her to say that she came from Poland and that she would like to visit New Zealand sometime.

Academie di belle arte

via Wikipedia

Then I set out for the Academie de Belle Arte.  This is of course where one finds the original David by Michael Angelo.  A gentle saunter through streets now becoming more recognisable to me, brought me to the Via Risoli and there at the end was the Academie.  But what a long queue confronted me and it was so long and so many people around that I have resorted to Wikipedia’s photo for this. The photos I took show only people queuing and once inside photography i forbidden.

David 2

This is the plaster copy of David that now stands in the square where the original stood for several centuries.

I decided to join a small group being shown around the Museum.  For E60 (gulp  that’s $NZ96/$US81) we went straight in by-passing the queues, had one and half hours with this delightful (pregnant) guide Lara to show us around and talk to us about the artworks, paintings and of course, David.


Florence Day 4 007

The traffic is fast and furious  Look out if you try to cross other than on a pedestrian crossing.  Drivers take no notice of the road rules.  They stop and double park wherever they choose.  This of course, makes it very difficult for the buses to get around corners, particularly the very long buses with the groin in the middle.  And cyclists I guess,  are the same the world over.  They appear to disregard any road rules, traffic lights or pedestrian crossings, and they are everywhere in this city.

But I did see this one guy arguing with the traffic warden as she was giving him a ticket.  Unfortunately my photo disappeared into the great blue yonder when I was downloading my camera today.

Florence Day 4 011

And then after David, I strolled through the square into a market that seemed to be completely filled with vendors of leather goods.  All beautiful of course.  After all this is Italy, and all competing for attention.  But I priced a couple fo items at several of the stalls and they were all the same price.

Florence Day 4 013

By this time it was well past three o’clock so  I decided to have lunch.  Not a great success.  The pasta was dry and the sauce lacked body but I was eating it in a pavement café in Florence.  How bad is that.

After that and another stroll through the almost familiar streets to the autobus stop at the stazzione for the ride back to the apartment.

I rounded off the day with a visit to the local supermercado.  That was quite an experience.  But easier this time than the first.

And now I am exhausted.  I was out for over six hours today, mostly on my feet so I shall say goodnight to all my friends in the blogosphere.

And a few more photographs:

Florence Day 3 2013 030

Florence Day 4 006

Florence Day 3 2013 017





14 responses to “Florence Day 4

  1. There’s some irony is getting less-than-savory pasta in Italy. 😉

    The bakery looks like a fun place to start the day.

    • Yes the pasta was not good. I make better at home in NZ. But as I said I am in Florence so what. Ad the bakery is fantastic. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Your adventure continues to be my adventure Judith! What a fabulous thing you are doing. I have been to Florence but that was many many years ago. You are helping me to relive the experience.

    • Thanks Dor. I am thoroughly enjoying myself, doing what I want to do in my own time. Why don’t you come over and join me and we could relive your experiences together. 🙂

  3. I will be adding Florence to my list of places to visit when we get to Europe.

  4. A few more days of walking so much, and you’ll be ready to tackle those 463 steps!

  5. We have been to Italy both with a group and on our own and the one thing that stood out for us was that with a group you always get immediate entry into places of interest. Food was very hit and miss – some very sad pasta and pizzas (for our taste anyway) but a small hotel on the Amalfi Coast had the best food ever. We loved walking around Rome and Florence and after sightseeing all day we would realise our feet were sore and we were worn out. Watch out for those crowded buses though (that was my first encounter with an Italian Romeo) 😦

    • Hi Joy. Thanks for commenting. I am enjoying myself tremendously and today had a gentle wander around the area where the apartment is. So have recouped the energy and ready to start again tomorrow. 🙂

  6. oh the architecture. Everywhere I’ve gone in Europe, the architecture speaks to me. So much detail from doors to rooftops! Sounds like you are settling in a bit. my sweetie told me drivers in Italy are wilder than those in France. yikes! Be careful out there.

    • Yes me too. Of course NZ is such a young country we have nothing like it. And the drivers – well they ignore road rules, pedestrian crossings and even no entry signs. What can one do except to be aware all the time.

  7. It sounds as if the drivers in Florence drive like those in Paris. Do they have Metro or Underground type stations, or subways to help you cross the road ?

    • There is an underground pass to various places around the station but otherwise it;s every woman for herself. Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. At the end of each day I am worn out with the excitement of this adventure.

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