What kind of country are we when people rejoice that an old lady had a stroke and died?

I had to reblog this I am embarrassed at the actions of some of my country men and women


19 responses to “What kind of country are we when people rejoice that an old lady had a stroke and died?

  1. I confess to having the same response as yours, Judith. Whether or not one agreed with all that she did and the manner in which she accomplished, she was an amazing woman. As a woman, I have always admired and respected her and news of her death saddened me. “Speaking ill of the dead” is not charming and let’s face it, had she been a man and played the role in history that she did, none of these articles would have been written. May God have mercy on our souls!

    • I was saddened by her death – it was the end of a particular era in British history and althogh I no longer live there I am still British and apalled at the behaviour of some.

  2. Thank you fro reblogging this, Judith. I, too, have been horrified, shocked and disgusted by this reaction – and as the writer points out, some of those rejoicing weren’t even born during Maggie’s time in power. Every politician does some things right and some things wrong – but to quote Mark Anthiny: “The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interr’d with their bones.” The UK would be a very different place – and many people far worse off – if the Scargills had been in charge.

    • How can you celebrate the death of somebody you don’t know? I am all for celebrating the person’s life and there was much to celebrate in Baroness Thatcher’s life.

  3. Agree entirely. She was a strong minded woman, not necessarily my cup of tea but what on earth is all the vilifying and hate stuff about? You wouldn’t want some of these people for a friend.

  4. I agree, so many people I would’ve expected more from spewing venom about things they know little about. I was a young child in the 70s and I remember strikes, power cuts, and the level of fear and anxiety among the adults which was quite terrifying for a young child. Maggie came in and rattled a lot of cages but created an energy and a work ethic and made success fashionable in Britain again. I didn’t agree with her on a lot of things but we could do with her leadership right now! Politicians should be focussing less on being popular and more on getting results! Rant over :-/

  5. Well said. Mrs. Thatcher was a stong woman who believed in what she did. A woman who stood by her convictions against strong opposition, often based on her class and gender. I am not British or political but I admired her from afar. May she rest in peace.

  6. Socialist and unionists – lovely people while they are allowed to reach freely into other people’s wallets.

    • Thanks Bart. It was interesting to see the types of people interviewed during the street parties and clebrations. Quite like rent-a-crowd methinks.

  7. That’s one thing about the internet, I’ve been amazed at people’s comments and reactions to many different news stories. So vile! It’s a little scary sometimes.

    • Well Patti the internet and TV bring everything straight into our living rooms and it is almost impossible not to see these reactions. Vile as you say.

  8. two engaging goldens

    Thank you for the link. It said everything for me. I have lived in Australia since 1966 and have an Aussie family, but have always thought of England as “home”. I would not like to be there right now. I couldn’t believe the hatred that these people have been carrying for so long. I feel sorry for her children and I am glad she cannot witness what is going on. Joy

    • Hi Joy – yes, I have lived in NZ for many years but still England will always be home to me. The hatred these people have been carrying can only be detrimental to themselves. Baroness Thatcher is dead and cannot see this reaction. I worry about her children though.

  9. No strong feelings here . . . but you might enjoy Col’s post:

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