The time has come

The walrus and the carpenter

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“The time has come” the Walrus said, “to talk of may things;
Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings
And why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings”
Lewis Carroll – From “Through the looking glass”.

Well the time has most certainly come for me to stop mooning around and get back to the discipline of writing my blog.  So what to write about?  How many times have I asked myself that question over the months and years that I have been writing my blog.
There is a big hole of course, where Lotte used to be and the hole I guess will always be there.  But it’s time to move on.  And now Miss Bella is making her presence felt and helping to close the hole.
I had one of my grandsons staying with me last week and what a joy that is.  He it was who arrived with his young brother the day after Lotte died complete with flowers and chocolates for Granma; they made my bed and kept me supplied with cups of coffee throughout the day.  He was  staying  here last week while his younger brother and their mother were at a rowing competition – the Maadi Cup, the premier rowing competition for schools in New Zealand.  The team did very well reaching the semi finals.
One of the things I really love about having time with my grandsons is the scope of topics we discuss.  Dinner on night was enlivened with talk of the war – that is World War 2 and what it was like to actually live during a war.  It then moved on to Vietnam, the Cuban crisis and the war in Iraq.  How knowledgeable these grandsons are.  We discussed what had caused the two World Wars – how well read this boy is – the futility of war, how really there are no winners, each side loses and what a waste of life all wars cause.
We then went on to discuss the favourite subject of all boys – technology and how far we have come and how much things have changed not only in my life time but also in his.  I just love talking with and listening to these lively young minds at work.  And I conclude that the world can be a better place if the leaders of the future are drawn from the likes of these young men.
And yesterday I picked up my eldest grandson from University.  He has just started and is doing a Network Engineering course.  We had a lovely hour driving in the car together while he told me about his course and his observations on the difference between school life and University life.   He has decided that one night a week he will come to stay.  It takes him about 1.15 hours to get to University and if he has a late session followed by an early morning one he thinks it makes sense for him to stay here.  And I must say I wholeheartedly encourage this.
And now it is almost Good Friday.  Once again we will have the shopping debacle/fiasco of which retailers may open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday and which must remain closed.    Every year there is a number of retailers who are fined for ignoring the trading hours rules.  But as we are definitely moving away from a totally Christian nation into one of many faiths, questions are being raised about the rules governing these holidays.  No doubt the controversy will rage for many more years.
So I wish you all a Happy Easter whether you celebrate in the traditional Christian way,  or in your own faith or however else you choose.  May it be all that you wish for.
Bella Day 1-1
I shall spend it getting to know more of my new friend.

9 responses to “The time has come

  1. I am so pleased you get to spend time with your grandsons. I agree they are a treat to chat with. I don’t get to see mine often enough but when I do it is so enjoyable. I plan to pick up my 12 year old grandson this summer and drive around Alberta doing research for my next book. I am so looking forward to it. GIve Bella a snuggle from me. XO


  2. You have such interesting conversations with your grandsons. Peter, my husband, watched the last few days a series about WW II, how the war affected people’s lives. Peter reckons the series (he recorded it on line) was very well made. He warned me that there were very violent scenes in it. You are right, nobody wins in a war. Such a waste of lives! I declined to watch it, but he told me a lot about it.
    Does Miss Bella love chocolates? What sort of an Easter egg is she going to get? Be happy with her and have a lovely Easter!


  3. So glad you didn’t stay away for too long. 🙂
    Good to have you back. 😀


  4. Welcome back! Grandchildren truly can be a blessing, can’t they? You’ll enjoy having your eldest young man staying with you once a week, and keeping up with his life. Here in the UK, it makes no difference to retailers whether it’s Good Friday or Easter Sunday – they are open all the time. A far cry from our young days!! My daughter’s spaniel made herself very sick eating chocolates (greedy guts) – seems chocolate is poisonous for dogs, but they don’t that! Happy Easter, Judith!


  5. Keep those blog posts coming – with lots of pictures of Miss Bella too. I have missed you and your wonderful thoughts.


  6. Happy Easter Judith 🙂


  7. How are you and Bella getting along? I know how much I enjoy time with my grandchildren. How nice to have yours around.


  8. The walrus has been one of my favourite pieces since childhood. I often say “the time has come” and my daughter will continue “to speak of many things”. I dont have grandchildren so far, however, I love that you enjoy your grandsons so. As long as people continue to shop, shops will want to open. Its in our hands. Happy and Safe Easter and pats for Miss Bella. Joy


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