A Tiring Day

We all know that right up the top of the most common stressors in life are separation/divorce and moving house.  Well, my lovely daughter has just separated from her husband of 17 years which of course, necessitated selling their house and moving.

Yesterday was moving day and today I helped her clean up the house they were leaving to get it ready for the new owners.  My job was oven cleaning. And those of you who know me personally know that I am very vain and careful of my hands and my beautiful nails.

Painted nailsBut as a good mother does, I donned the rubber gloves and got to work.  The result – a sparkling oven and a delighted daughter  It was worth the effort.  And wiping out kitchen cupboards and drawers was a piece of cake after that..

Then to the new house and the unpacking. That was still going on when I left around 8.30pm after dinner. I was pleased to return to my tidy little house. No boxes and everything in its place.

Never want to move again.  Off to sleep now before going back again with my friend to dismantle and then re-mantle (is there such a word) the desk that wont fit through the door to the study.


33 responses to “A Tiring Day

  1. I feel sad for your daughter. Not a nice time, but well done you for just getting stuck in to help her

  2. kudos on being a good mom judith. Is she in Wellington as well?

    • Thanks and yes, she is in the same suburb, Brooklyn, so we are very close.

      • that’s good… moms and daughters should always live close to each other. But not too close! 🙂 btw I would’ve wanted to join the round the bays but chickened out at the last moment. Couldn’t change my mind because the entries were sold out 😦 have a great weekend!

  3. My sympathy to your daughter – but she is right to move out of a house full of (mixed) memories, it makes a new start so much easier – and that’s speaking from experience. So wonderful to have your mother close to you at such a time, too. Good on yer, gel!

    • Hello Catherine. I didn’t have a marriage break up to weather on my own – my mother was on the other side of the world – but I do know that Cate appreciates my help.

  4. Moving is a lot of work…I’m like you, I want to stay put! I don’t care much for cleaning the oven either, lol!

    • Hi SuziCate – we have always been a family that moved house. Sometimes because my husband’s job demanded it and often because we wanted to. And my daughter has moved many times since she was married. However, from now on I am staying put. So much easier.

  5. I remember that day in my own life and, although I don’t have a mother, one of my besties was there to help clean the kitchen and to just be there! What a difference that made. Moving is horrendously tiring and stressful. Be gentle with your own self today!

  6. With your help and love your lovely daughter should be fine. I am sure you cleaned that oven with style. Best of luck to her! You get some rest!

  7. A separation is always difficult, including the moving challenges. How fortunate your daughter is to have you by her side.

  8. Judith, you are a treasure. I’m sorry to hear your daughter (and you) are facing this rough patch, for what affects our children has a way of affecting us as well. I know your support (and oven cleaning abilities) are a blessing to her.

  9. How stressful for Cate, But hopefully she will be happy with the boys in their new home.. It is very scary to leave your home and make a new life as I know so well. Lucky to have you to help her settle. Love to her. XX

    • Yes small sister I know you understand having been there yourself. But as you know she is a very strong woman and will get on with making a good life from here on.

  10. I am sure your daughter appreciated the help and support. It is all we can do at times like this. Like you, I don’t like to ruin my manicure- but if needs must.

  11. Stressful enough to move house, but when it’s due to a separation it’s that much harder. It was nice that you were able to be there to support her, even if it was to clean the oven.

  12. You are a DOLL for helping with oven duty! 😀

  13. You are a very good mother to help your daughter like that. Cleaning an oven is NO fun.

  14. I’m sorry your daughter is going through a difficult time. You are so good to help her out like that. A tiring day, indeed.

  15. Hello Janna and thanks for the comment. Yes, a stressful time for all concerned.

  16. I remember a time of moving when my Mum-in-law took on the task of oven cleaning for me … and I remember how very grateful I was too.
    Hope the move went well and the new house soon feels like home. 🙂

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