One Year On

Santa boot

I have so many much more attractive shoes!

It is exactly one year today that I broke my ankle when out walking Lotte.  For the next several weeks I endured first a back-strap (absolutely useless as it kept slipping being held in place only by crepe bandage) and then my big red Santa boot.  During these weeks I had to learn and employ patience and acceptance of the help offered.  Obviously as soon as the boot was removed the learned patience and acceptance both flew out of the window.

Looking through my notebooks for an apt quote I came across this one from Ambrose Bierce

“Patience – A minor form of despair
disguised as a virtue”

There was no notation as to who this Ambrose Bierce was, when he lived etc etc.  In later books I did make notations against quotes.  So I took myself off to our friends at Wikipedia and there learned that

Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce (born June 24, 1842; died sometime after December 26, 1913)was an American editorialist, journalist, short story writer, fabulist, and satirist.

I didn’t know what a fabulist was so once again to the internet where I found a fabulist is a writer of fables.  So another new word to add to my rapidly expanding Lexicon.

Well we are all well aware of Aesop as a fabulist but we can also add Beatrix Potter with Peter Rabbit, Peter RabbitKenneth Grahame with Toad, Ratty, Mole et al

Toad driving

and of course, Lewis Carrol with the White Rabbit.

White rabbit with watch

Copyright Disney

And I can say that when I told my very young grandchildren stories they always were about animals to which I had given human attributes.  James (the eldest) had a very favourite rabbit who got into all sorts of trouble and adventures.  So maybe I am a fabulist. too!

Well another rambling post comes to a close.  Apart from a big rant about computers.  I wrote this blog several hours ago and then lost it.  I know that I should update/save the draft as I work but this morning I didn’t.

Swear signs


I am surprised you didn’t hear the expletives from where you are.  But it’s all written again and now will be posted.

Christmas bells

Happy Christmas!


16 responses to “One Year On

  1. no red boot for you this year Miss Judith! no matter how fashionable you thought it was – yeah right – or how much sympathy you received. NO red boot!


  2. Wowsa! That looks painful. I sure bet you’re glad that’s behind you! When you’re down and out there’s not much to do but read, browse the internet, and do hand crafts like embroidery. Unfortunately when I’ve found myself in that position I wasn’t in much of a mood to take advantage of those opportunities. So glad ;you’re all well and healed…and too funny about your attractive shoe!


  3. And there went that patience again, right?


  4. Busted up my ankles many times(men’s softball) 30 years ago and they still give me problems.


  5. The red boot as an opener to this post is actually very cheery and in keeping with the season! However, I am delighted along with you, that the boot is long gone. Perhaps you can make up a story about it, from a fabulist’s point of view? 🙂


  6. I think fables are fabulous so fabulist is a very good name for someone who writes them. 😀


  7. Enjoy the season this year and stay safe!


  8. I’m doing the broken ankle thing this season. Am having trouble with the patience thing. How long did it take for you to be able to wear normal shoes and walk like a real person again? It has been three months so far and I am still in an air cast. You seem to have a good attitude about these things, perhaps I can learn from you. Have a super fabulous Christmas!!!


    • Oh Darlene. How awful. My boot/cast was on for about six weeks and almost immediately it was removed I could wear regular shoes again. But I don’t know what an air cast is, so maybe that is very different. My biggest problem particularly in the beginning when I couldn’t put my foot on the ground or floor, was relying on somebody else for everything. And patience was a long time in appearing in my life and left very quickly again! Take care and have a great Christmas with family and friends. 😀


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