Just Thinking About Christmas

Santa at the beach

Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is still strange after 40 plus years living in New Zealand.  I have told of how the first Christmas we were here my then 7-year-old daughter, asked in her piping Scottish accent “When is it going to snow Mummy”.  That first Christmas we had a fantastic summer.  All the promises that were made in the coloured brochures provided to us by the NZ High Commission in London proved to be true.  Long lazy days at the beach but at Christmas?

Even after all these years setting up a tree with lights and putting decorations around the house still doesn’t feel quite right.  And reindeer – where’s the snow?  Another vexing question for my daughter and her younger brother all those years ago was how would Santa get here if the reindeer didn’t bring him?  And more importantly, would he know that they had moved from Lenzie in Dumbartonshire, Scotland to Auckland, New Zealand?  And of course, there was no chimney – so how would he get in?

That first Christmas, the day dawned hot and humid and of course, having been brought up in the Northern Hemisphere I did the traditional dinner with all the trimmings.  Everybody ate in their bathing suits.  Another strange thing for us to contemplate (and add to the list of strange things).

Things went back to normal when we lived in Montreal and Christmas was once again in the winter.  And if you have ever been to Montreal in the winter you will know that there was no shortage of snow.  And there were two chimneys in our house so that solved the problem of access and the snow solved the reindeer question but by this time my children were 9 and 7 and Santa Claus (or Father Christmas as English and Scottish children knew him then) was relegated to the arena of fairies and fairy tales.

But now we are used to the upside-down seasons and accept that it will be warm and hopefully sunny on Christmas Day.  My son will no doubt cook a barbecue and we will relax on a patio with a cold drink in hand, surrounded by family and friends.

And as I write this post on Saturday, December 8 at 1pm I find that there are only 16 days 10 hours 58 minutes and 26 seconds to Christmas.  Is that sufficient time to do all the things on my Christmas To Do List?   Well, it will have to be.



















8 responses to “Just Thinking About Christmas

  1. I love the mental picture of eating Christmas dinner in your swiming suits. 🙂
    We’re going out for our dinner this year, a first for us. Hubby is usually working on Christmas day and so our dinner has been on Boxing day for about the last nine years or so and the Daughters usually go to Boyfriend’s on Christmas day. This year he’s off so rather than stress about who’s house to go to, we’re going to eat out and the girls and boyfriends will probably call around for Christmas evening. 🙂


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  3. I too recall Christmas Past when I was a girl growing up in Florida. I never saw snow until I was 21 and moved to the mountains of California with my new husband. The sun shining on Christmas Day was to be expected in Florida. That’s just the way it was, so I especially relate to your post Judith.
    We went on with our preparations as if Santa would get in somehow and the reindeer could fly regardless of the weather. 🙂


  4. I am happy to have NO SNOW on Christmas. Ho~Ho~Ho! 😀


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