Simple Rest

Let’s live in this quiet moment before the onslaught of the silly season.

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

Everywhere I listen is sound after sound, claiming my attention.

Everywhere I look is noisy color and pattern, underscoring the rapid pace–

the life of busy busy,

of obligation.

And then,

I see you.

Simple, alone,

a dream.

And in this moment, I feel rest.

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13 responses to “Simple Rest

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for reminding us to S L O W D O W N.

  2. Necessary at the beginning of the crazy days ahead.

  3. Christine in Los Angeles

    Who you callin’ simple? Love you,anyway.
    God bless, Christine

  4. Haven’t found that tea bag yet eh Big Sister. Love you too!

  5. a beautiful quiet moment. The silly season? I love this, it’s the best description I’ve ever heard of this crazy time of year.

  6. Sorry no rest in our contemporary technopolis. We are governed by the dictatorship of the clock.

  7. Oh yes, Retired 6 years ago. All the time is mine now.

  8. I agree with that Judith

  9. I cannot drum up enthusiasm for the “silly season” these days . . .

    People create unnecessary stress for themselves with frenetic and frantic shopping until they are dropping. Ack!

    Put up a tree.
    Enjoy the flicker of candle light.

    Peace, Hope, Love, and Joy doesn’t require a trip to the mall.

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