Aren’t Grandsons Wonderful?

Monday afternoon.  Ping – a text arrived from my No 3 Grandson – “Do you by any chance have a set of poker chips.” Excuse me.  This from a 15-year-old to his 74-year-old Grandmother.
I remember I did have something that might or might not be poker chips.  So after some consideration and much digging and hunting I found what I was looking for.
My response – “I don’t know if they are poker chips but I have some things that could be”
Grandson – “Are there many and could I possibly have them for the weekend”.
Me – “Yes darling.  I don’t know what they are.  There are red ones, blue and green and white.  There are 16 of each colour.  If they are any use you may keep them.  How shall I get them to you?”.
Gr – “Sweet I may ask mum to pop by on the way home”
Me -“Good.  See you soon”
Gr – “Sweet”
2 hours later. Me – “What sort of time will you be here?”
Gr – “I don’t know maybe not today”
Me – “OK  I’ll drop them into Mum’s office tomorrow or bring them when I meet her for coffee later this week.”
Gr – “Thanks”
3 days later.  Gr – “Is it today you said you would drop off the poker chips?”
Me – “Yes.  I’ll give them to Mum when I see her this afternoon”
Gr – “Thanks”
6 hours later Me – “Mum has the chips”
Gr – “Thank you so much.”

I wonder why my 15-year-old grandson would think that his grandmother has poker chips?  He didn’t discuss this with his mother just decided that I was the best bet (ooh an unintentional pun).  He is going away for the weekend with the rowing team and so I imagine that poker will be one way they will amuse themselves during their waiting time.  I wonder where and when he learned to play.

I don’t send many text messages.  I would much rather pick up the phone and speak to somebody, but we know that all the young of our species are glued to their smart phones sending and receiving many,many texts daily.  I was pleased to see that Grandson No 3 was not using ‘text speech’ obviously either realised that I wouldn’t be impressed or else he thought that I wouldn’t understand what he was trying to tell me.  Over the past few years texts seem to be the only way that my grandsons communicate with me when we are apart,  So I am learning the art of “texting” although I am firmly convinced that text is not a verb, but in today’s changing world, I shall probably be proven wrong in this.

I just thought I would like to share this with you and see your reactions.


32 responses to “Aren’t Grandsons Wonderful?

  1. My little Vincent is 4.

  2. Ah yes, texting! I had to learn it as soon as my sons got phones!

  3. Christine in Los Angeles

    Oooooh, that word ‘texted’ : it sets my teeth on edge (not at all sure how that would feel, but you get the idea?)
    God bless, Christine

  4. I am impressed he thought of you in conjunction with the poker chips. Hipster grandmother?

  5. I love it! My 17 year old grandson texts me too. I don’t mind. At least I hear from him. He hasn’t asked for poker chips yet though. You gotta love ’em.

  6. I usually prefer texting. I really don’t like to talk on the phone if it just a simple question or comment. So sweet that your grandson thought of you. It would be interesting to know why you came to mind.

    • Oh I love talking to people. In fact, a year ago almost to the day, ago I wrote a post on talking to people. But I guess we all do what we are most comfortable with.

      • I like talking to people–just not on the phone. Maybe it is my ears but I think it is hard to understand people on the phone. Plus I can’t see them so it’s hard to when it’s my turn to talk. Guess I am telephone challenged.

  7. I like texting with my daughter and grandkids, too. Only two of them have devices to text, and daughter is busy with 6 and #7 on the way! There’s not much chance of carrying on a conversation with her, otherwise. 🙂 I’m glad you were able to help out your grandson.

    • I can see why you resort to sending texts to your daughter – I don’t imagine she has much time for lengthy phone conversations. I have much the same situation with my daughter except that it her work that keeps her so busy.

  8. Texting is much better than nothing!


  9. Wow Judith! You are on the cutting edge with your texting. I communicate with the grandgirls via FBMessages and sometimes email. Afraid I’m losing ground now in the world of electronics and don’t even have a smart phone. You go girl! 🙂

  10. Hope he wins BIG . . . and shares his winnings with YOU! 😀

    • No word at all from that quarter since he returned home. Maybe he did win big and is keeping it to himself, or maybe the other side of that coin and he doesn’t want his Granma to know. 🙂

  11. Curious … do you use your finger or thumb for “texting” ?
    They say evolution will make our thumbs longer and thinner because of the way we’re all using them. 🙂

    • I have trouble with sending texts because I keep my nails long. But recently I broke a thumb nail and now find it so much easier. Maybe I shall keep that thumb nail short.

  12. I’m not much for texting, but that was a sweet conversation. No pun intended either. I always think the connections with grand kids are so important

  13. What he really wants is a girlfriend. (sigh)

  14. Those kids are very smart. 😆

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