September Morning

Yesterday, on the eve of 9/11,  we watched a movie reenactment of that September day in 2001 when the world as we knew it changed dramatically.  Some of the survivors were depicted by actors and their comments were interspersed throughout the movie and some family members of those who were in one of the buildings but didn’t survive were also asked to comment.  It really brought the whole terrible day back into focus for us.  And the heroism and determination of the firemen and ordinary men and women was amazing.  I marveled at the heroism shown by one man – he stopped to help a perfect stranger who was not able to keep walking down the stairs.  He did manage to get him down to about the 35th floor when the building imploded and they both lost their lives.  And the contracts manager who just kept on looking for others to help and in doing so forfeited his own life.  And the fireman leader who wouldn’t leave the woman behind and so many other stories.  I wonder how brave I would have been in those circumstances.

I have only just discovered Dana at A Serene Scribe and her post  sums up the only thing in our minds today.  Please click here to read her post – September Morning.  I did try to reblog it but for whatever reason it went to a blog that I no longer use.

Our thoughts are with all those who were touched by that dark and evil day.


9 responses to “September Morning

  1. I am still working on my 9/11 post. I saw the first tower billowing smoke on my way to work. Trying to post about it brings back the horror. I cannot watch the films. For several years I could not visit the site. Everyday when I drove to work the empty space where the towers had been stabbed my heart anew. Thank you for your thoughts.


  2. The first scenes we had on TV here were of the planes hitting the building and it looked so like a movie. Unbelievable and totally unforgettable.
    The scenes you witnessed will no doubt stay with you forever. What can one say.


  3. I am far from NYC, but I can still remember the shock of that day. The stories of bravery and heroism were bright spots in a very dark day.

    Those events have changed our lives in many ways – including what used to be simple air travel. My kids (both born after 9/11) don’t believe me when I told them we used to walk visiting family all the way to the gate and then watch their plane take off from there. (Now, they get dropped at the curb and they’re on their own.)


  4. You write about the heart of the matter. Unforgettable! My son was a plumber and a sprinkler designer here in Ontario Canada. He signed up immediately to help. The thought of him in a war zone terrified me but I supported him pushing aside my own fears. He was never needed but I never forgot his bravery in wanting to go, and I never forgot those who did!


    • How proud you must be of your son. These children of ours continue to amaze us. There were so many unsung heroes on that dreadful day and in the awful days that followed.


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  6. This is one of those topics that is so enormous, shared by so many yet unique to each, that it’s difficult to write about. You did a great job!


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