Celebrations and Amazement


WOW how does a 15-year-old from far away New Zealand take on the talent of the women’s golfing world and win?  This young school girl Lydia Ko from the North Shore of Auckland not only beat the leading professional women players but beat them by three.  What a feat for this talented young woman.  She is the youngest to win the Canadian Women’s Open.  Click here for the full story of this achievement.  I just came to make the cut and play the best,” Ko said in a television interview. “I won and I’m going to get the trophy, and it’s amazing.”

And what a joy to watch her play.  She certainly appears to enjoy herself as she smiles and laughs with her caddy and those around her.  And the absolute commitment she has shown is totally amazing in one so young.  She has said that she will not turn professional yet as she has an education to complete.  Apparently she has her sights set on attending Stanford University.  I am sure with the determination she has shown up to this point, she will succeed in getting to her chosen seat of learning.

For no reason at all, when I saw the clip of the win on the local Network News I thought of William Blake‘s “To See a World in a Grain of Sand”.  Do you know this poem?

“To see a world in a grain of sand
And a Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour”

I think at the time of being handed the cup – and it was a very large cup for this slight girl to hold – she must have felt that she was holding infinity in her hand.

I have no doubt that the future for Lydia Ko will be exciting and only limited by her will to succeed.  Well done Lydia!

And I can’t close this post today without a heartfelt plea that all my blogging friends in the path of Hurricane Isaac are taking care.  May you all keep safe and my hope is that this tropical storm will not wreak havoc in its path as so many have before it.

And my sister and friends both in real life and in the blogosphere – I hope you are all safe after the flurry of earthquakes reported today.

And wherever you are, whatever Mother Nature is throwing at you, I do hope that you remain safe.


6 responses to “Celebrations and Amazement

  1. Wow ! 15, so young and so much ahead of her. 🙂
    Mother Nature’s at it again …If she’s too upset to be kind at the moment, here’s hoping she can be careful. 🙂


  2. Yes, I saw the story about this amazing young woman. Good for her! And good for women’s sports. Women do not get enough respect or even notice when it comes to sports. Such a shame. I think of all the good role models that are not given the attention they deserve, just because they are women.


  3. This young girl is amazing!


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