The End of a Long Day

Granny on computer

and hours
sitting at
the computer
writing report for
friend’s return on Monday.
Now too tired to blog tonight
so will continue Antibes story
tomorrow after a good night’s sleep
having read more of Charlie Fox’s adventures.

This is another attempt at writing an etheree.  Exactly one year ago today I made my first attempt but got it wrongThe basic etheree form has ten lines, the first consisting of exactly one syllable, the second line of two syllables, and so on until the last line has  ten syllables.  An etheree can also be reversed, starting with ten syllables and ending with one.  But I wrote one word on the first line, two on the second and so on.  It wasn’t until after I wrote my poem on Snow in Brooklyn that I found my mistake.

Snowing in Brooklyn, Wellington

But the date on the camera is wrong – it was 15/8/2011.


13 responses to “The End of a Long Day

  1. etheree or not, the poem is fun 🙂


  2. Good
    rise and shine,
    I hope you are
    feeling so refreshed
    after a nice long sleep
    and are ready to start the
    day with a smile and a coffee.
    And now it’s goodbye from me because
    I seem to have run out of things to say.


  3. Never heard of this form and love it. Now for more hours in the day. Stay strong.


  4. How clever. I will try it one day. But it takes me a while to get the Six Word Saturday sentence written so this type of poem may require a month.


  5. Good etheree, you summed up your thoughts/feelings very well.


  6. I’ve never heard of this form, either, but I think it is fun, and yours was delightful. I also love that picture of snow in Brooklyn , especially as we are still very much in our summer season.


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