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Wet Sunday in Wellington

Did you read yesterday’s blog?  If so I have to report that the food was great.  Now there is no stopping my friend.  He is working out what else he can cook in his crockpot.

Pot roast

So to today.  Unfortunately the Glorious Twelfth did not live up to its name.  It’s been a very wet Sunday here in Wellington. The rain has fallen all day but we are not nearly as badly off as many parts of this land.  Heavy rain warnings are in force in both the North and South islands.

So what to write about today.  As usual Sunday started in quite a leisurely fashion followed by only one Open Home.  My Real Estate friend is off ‘swanning’ around in Peru and Bolivia leaving the hoi polloi to look after her interests here in Wellington.  She’s having a ball and I am so glad for her.

The Open Home was across the road from the sea and the wind blew into the apartment building – but hey, if the purchaser likes the apartment in the rain and wind what will he/she think about it on a glorious Wellington day?

Quite a bit of interest there so hopefully we shall have another sale to present to my friend on her return.  We have made two sales while she has been away.

Sundays are usually busy with three or four Open Homes so today with only one we took the opportunity to go for Yum Cha at a busy Chinese restaurant.

Photo via Wikipedia

Do you know Yum Cha?  According to our friend at Wikipedia, Yum Cha ” is a Chinese style morning or afternoon tea, which involves drinking Chinese tea and eating dim sum dishes.”  Here in NZ we consider Yum Cha to be lunch and so we went for lunch.

As with most Chinese restaurants here it is large.  Probably seats around 100/150 people and it was busy.  We were told this was the third sitting of the day – 10.45, 12 noon and 1.15.  At Yum cha one doesn’t order food instead food is constantly presented on trays and one chooses what to eat from the selection.  The food is placed on the table and a mark made on the account (which is also left on the table) so that at the end, the cashier may work out how much you owe.   The offerings were non stop.   Every time we looked up there was a waitress offering food – we had duck, chicken, deep-fried prawn parcels, wonderful Chinese vegetables which  even though I asked I couldn’t understand just what vegetables they were, spring rolls etc etc.  and of course, copious quantities of green tea.  Whether or not it is true of the Chinese in general, we find here that pork is the most offered meat in Chinese restaurants.  I don’t eat pork but my friend does and did.

Fully replete we retired to his apartment to put our feet up and read our books for the rest of the afternoon.  I don’t think I shall have to eat for another week at least.  I have been royally fed these past two days.