London Calling

If  you haveread any of my blog posts you will know that I am a Londoner and although I haven’t lived there for some 50 years, I still call London home.


And I think I am not alone in considering the place of my birth as home.  No matter how far we travel away from our birthplace, there is always a pull to go back, even if for a short visit.  Over the years I have returned many times and have seen the amazing changes that have taken place in my hometown.

London has always been a great city and even after the devastation of the Second world War the city was busy and alive.   Then with the introduction/influx of people from other cultures, other countries and other religions, London could truly claim to be cosmopolitan.  It is an exciting place to visit and according to my sister and friends, an exciting place in which to live.

2012 Olympics logo

And now of course, the excitement has reached fever pitch.  And it will not die down immediately following the closing ceremony on Sunday.  New life has been injected into parts of the East End that were forgotten and forlorn before London gained the 2012 Olympics.  These areas will now thrive following the rejuvenation and the influx of people who will now make their homes there.

A couple of days ago I watched the cycling leg of the Triathlon.  Watching cyclists going round and round the same course is not particularly enthralling – although the feat of the Brownlie brothers in winning Gold and Bronze  for Great Britain was stunning – for me the excitement was identifying all the landmarks of home.

And so in the words of Hubert Gregg … Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner

“Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner,
That I love London so.
Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner,
That I think of her wherever I go.
I get a funny feeling inside of me,
Just walking up and down.
Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner,
That I love London Town.”
Hubert Gregg, English songwriter,  broadcaster, author and stage actor.
























19 responses to “London Calling

  1. What a great tribute to your lovely city! I have so enjoyed seeing all the coverage on tv and now I would love to visit!!!


  2. I so relate to this as my sweetie is a Parisian and a part of his hear will always be in France even though he hasn’t lived there since 1965! I thoroughly enjoyed my short visit to London 8 years ago and long to go back. It is a lovely city and everywhere I went i found people to be charming.


  3. You are so right Judith. Home is the place we remember with ties that truly bind us to our beginnings. I suspect London calls even more loudly than some other places in the world just because it is such a dynamic city.


  4. London is an amazing city and I have enjoyed my visits there. Londoners are very friendly! I am also loving the views of London while watching the Olympics. London is featured in my latest children’s novel, Amanda in England.


  5. Very nicely put. 😀
    I’m just putting together a post for today, I hope the picture brings you a smile. 😀


  6. Funny how home is always home no matter how long!


  7. How wonderful to really still call London home! The first time I visited I felt as if I had come home. Romantic notions, I know, but ancestors on my father’s side came from London. I will go back for a third visit one of these days.


  8. I imagine it was quite nice to see your homeland featured on TV. 🙂


  9. Marianne London UK

    London is a Wonderful city and the Games have had a fantastic effect on it. True Londoners are a friendly people and since the Games started complete strangers are talking. I Love London and I am very proud of my heritage XX


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