News of Andy

That Andy is becoming a world traveller.  Not only has he been to Florida,  Texas, Virginia Beach and Iowa we now learn that he is getting out his passport once again to visit Darlene in Victoria, BC.  We know he has a passport because he recently spent some time with us in New Zealand.

Andy on the bed

This looks like a good place to rest

Andy appears to make himself at home wherever he lands.  He was very tired after his long journey from Texas to Wellington and quickly found himself a comfortable place to rest.

He is a cheerful little chap and everyone just loves him.  He visited several places with us (that’s Lotte and me) and the folk at the local hospice particularly enjoyed his visits.  On several occasions I have been asked by staff members where he is and they are all agog at the fun we are having with this ‘white elephant armadillo.

Andy arriving at the Hospice

Checking he is in the right place and looking for his friends

He started out at Lenore Diane’s house in Georgia and then somehow convinced Lenore Diane that he needed to see the world.  Some of my fellow bloggers are multi talented and that LD even speaks Armadillo.  Who would have guessed? And is that a form of Cajun French or Louisiana French?

Lotte and Andy sleeping

There’s room on this chair for two

He not only gets on well with humans but dogs love him too.  Well Lotte at least tolerated him but was no doubt pleased to have her chair and her place in the car back once Andy left.

If you are interested in seeing where Andy has been and catching up on some of his travels (he even went to Beijing  and Shanghai with Beth Ann and her lovely husband) go to Lenore Diane’s Adventures of Andy page.

Thanks to Lenore Diane for starting this and to all those other bloggers who have joined in.


20 responses to “News of Andy

  1. Andy is such a good sport, isn’t he??? He seems to fit in everywhere he goes!!! He spent a lot of time with us in Iowa but also in Washington state, up in Victoria and British Columbia and then on to China with a quick stop on the way home in Japan! I think he is probably the most well traveled armadillo in the world. Even though he was on the no fly list when he was with us I think he must have worked all of that out –or at least he can travel by post!!!! 🙂


  2. Lovely to hear how Andy’s getting on, I’ll pop over to Lenore’s page to see what he’s up to. 🙂


  3. And he’s off again! I’d love to see many of the places he’s been.


  4. I am so looking forward to having Andy here with us. We live on the mainland, in a small municipality south of Vancouver, BC. He will have a fun, relaxing time here. Thanks for the mention.


  5. I have been traveling myself, so thanks for the update! We do miss him from when he passed through TX.


  6. Christine in Los Angeles

    I thought to myself “I wonder if Andy would like to come to London” — then I remembered, for more than fifty years I’ve lived in California, not London. Long-term memory loss.
    God bless, Christine


  7. oh, what wonderful adventures Andy continues to have!


  8. Andy is coming to Canada? I think he should fly across to the East Coast once he’s done visiting Victoria, don’t you?


  9. We lived in Beaconsfield Joss out to the west of the city. A reasonably new (then) area of mostly English speaking people. One of my current neighbours was born and brought up near to where we lived. Isn’t that amazing!


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