Long Awaited


2012 Olympics logo

Along with much of the free world, I have checked in to watch some of the Olympics.  I must admit here that I didn’t watch all through the opening ceremony because I guess I have a short attention span.  But I did cheer (albeit in my head) when the New Zealand team marched into the stadium and then again when the England team arrived.  You see, I have definite divided loyalties here.  Can you image what happens when NZ plays England in a test match.!  Canada of course, also got a cheer from me.

I have seen the James Bond and the Queen skit of them arriving in a helicopter and think it was fabulous.  I think the Queen enjoyed it too.

Today we had the spectacle of that road race and wasn’t that exciting.  Who would have expected that result?  England were tipped to bring home the medals.  Congratulations to Kazakhstan wonder Alexandr Vinokourov for winning the gold medal.  Such a long ride and those young men all looked so fresh, fit and healthy at the end of the 5 plus hours.  Our hope Jack Bauer, came only tenth but that was a sterling effort on his part.  Apparently he was fighting cramps but when asked if he still harboured hopes of a medal in the final stages, Bauer said: “Of course I do”.

We cheered on our NZ rowing pair who sliced 6 minutes off the world record – and these two rowers haven’t been beaten since they came together in 2007 winning 16 major titles in that time.  So although this was only a heat, we have great hopes for a gold here.

As you know from previous blogs, I am a Londoner and even though I live 12,000 miles away I am still proud of what has been achieved in my ‘home’ city.

The last time the Olympics was hosted in London was 1948.  London and Londoners were war-weary and concern was expressed at how the Olympians would be fed and housed.  Now all that is changed.  According to the Los Angeles Times “London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the whole world”.  Please read the full report here.

But for me, the most impressive thing is how they have turned an almost derelict part of the city into a games venue up there with any other in the history of the games.   I am sure that Boris Johnson (London’s Lord Mayor) and all Londoner’s wherever they live, must be very happy with this.  When I was growing up this whole area was full of factories and as these factories moved away the area became abandoned.  And now look at it.

I am looking forward to seeing more of the games, but intermittently as I do have other things to do with my time.  Luckily, I have the ability to record anything that I particularly want to see and so can watch at my time.



16 responses to “Long Awaited

  1. Marianne London UK

    I have to admit I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I loved it all, the noise of the music was great. The Queen well going with “Good Evening Mr Bond”in a helicopter,great.. The whole thing was fantastic.Because I live so near we saw the fireworks and lasers so clearly.
    Sadly we did not win the road race(Team GB) but we are going to win some medals. The faces of all the people from every country are so proud and Good Luck to them all.XX
    Stratford is now a beautiful area with the Westfield Shopping Centre and all the new housing. 100% better than it was.


    • Good to hear from you. Was getting concerned.
      How lucky you are to live so close and to be part of the excitement. Please look at your emails. 🙂


  2. Hubby sat through most of the ceremony but I got bored half way through. I did see the new “Bond Girl” though, I thought she was wonderful ” as always”, but Hubby chose that moment to pop out to the kitchen and I had to find it on Youtube for him later. 🙂


  3. I’m so glad they have been able to revitalize that part of the city. Enjoyed the ceremony, though I didn’t think “Hey Jude” was ever going to end! lol


  4. My British husband and I watched the entire ceremony (which is way too much sitting for me but I did it) Our favourite part was the Mr. Bean dream sequence, just too funny. It is the British sense of humour that I love so much. Paul introduced me to Monty Python 37 years ago when we met and the rest, as we say, is history! So we are cheering for the Brits and the Canadians in our house. Although anyone who gets to the Olympics is a winner in my books!!


    • I agree that anyone who even qualifies is a winner.
      I didn’t see the Mr Bean sequence and thought I would go over to YouTube to see it but it will probably have been pulled. No doubt they will show it again on TV sometime. 🙂


  5. I haven’t watched any of the Olympics, yet. In the past, I’ve liked gymnastics and diving. Sounds like the ceremony was enjoyable.


  6. love your sports fan narration judith 🙂 thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you – I am not a sports fan generally. Only follow whatever sports the family are involved in. But one can’t help marvelling at the dedication of the thousands of athletes who made it to the Games.


  7. I actually managed to watch the entire opening ceremony, though my 96-year-old Mom dozed off a couple of times. Enjoyed most of it – but I do think it’s high time Paul McCartney retired gracefully, along with Cliff Richard.


  8. Marianne London UK

    Paul McCartney needs to stop singing the same old songs he’s our age and boring. Cliff Richard not only does he sing still (horrible) but has the cheek to wear white suits (tight) trousers and tries to dance. Big Mistake XX


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