Time for Laughter

My day started in laughter when I read this post from Joss at Crowing Crone Joss.  Of course, most of us have heard this in one form or another over the years, but it always reduces me to tears of laughter.  I imagine the absolute panic as she goes through the various stages of self-help/mutilation.  Occasionally I have tried to self administer wax strips but in the end I always resort to a visit to the spa to have the waxing carried out.

But this post reminded me of a particularly harrowing time for me.  I have always loved to linger in the bath with a book and either a glass of wine (provided by my late husband) or a coffee in later years.

On this particular evening I got the bathroom ready, lit candles, brought up the coffee and book, made sure the bath pillow was inflated and in place and then poured in a liberal dose of bath oil that had been given to me by a friend.  For the first time ever I think, I took the cordless phone into the bathroom with me.  I don’t think I was expecting a call but who knows why.

The book was good, the water was topped up whenever it got a little cold and the coffee was perfect.  I wallowed for over an hour.

Came the time to get out of the bath, disaster struck.  I couldn’t get out.  My feet kept slipping from under me because of the oil and I couldn’t get a grip.  I tried kneeling and getting out from there – no good.  I tried slipping up the sloping end of the bath – that ended in my falling down hard back into the rapidly cooling bath water.  I looked at the phone and considered calling my daughter to come and help but knew that my delightful son-in-law would never let me live that down.  I looked around for any bright ideas.  The bath was not equipped with handles as many are today so no help there.

I was getting myself into quite a state (and panicking) when I looked down and beside the bath was the bathmat.  The light went on in my head.  I put the towelling bathmat into the bottom of the bath and immediately was able to get out.  What a relief.  And while it is funny in retrospect, and while posts like the one from Joss bring it back into my mind, at the time it was quite scary.  And it was several weeks before I decided to take a bath again.










24 responses to “Time for Laughter

  1. Well I was reduced to tears and laughter from Joss’ story then the same happened with yours..and I had exactly the same slippery. bath experience as you! I remember it was Avon’s Skin so Soft! My solution was the same except I used a bath towel instead of the bath mat. What a great way to start a day..in unrestrained laughter!


  2. Just popped over to read Joss’s post, wonderful !
    And both your stories had me laughing out loud 😀 The though of “stuck in the bath” will have me smiling all night. Thanks.


  3. Christine in Los Angeles

    “It was several weeks before I decided to take a bath again” …. eeeuwww.
    I do hope your bathroom has a shower???
    Check your email – I’ve told my horror story about the bath.
    God bless, Christine


  4. Oh, Judith. I’m so glad you can laugh about that now. Glad you didn’t fall and get hurt. I imagine my delightful SIL would also be ever mindful of it. I’d better get over there and see what Joss did!


  5. I can just picture your dilemma Judith and if your day began with laughter, mine is now ending with laughter on the other side of the world. Thank you! 🙂


  6. Thanks for the smile. I’ve made a mental note to avoid using bath oils 🙂


  7. Both stories are very funny. Glad you got out OK and used your McGyver skills to your benefit. XO


  8. I thought you were going to say that you’d put the book in the bath… I’m glad you used the mat instead. Heck, Judith – I understand your panicking in that situation. It’s the sort of thing that can set of phobias (thankfully you pushed through it).

    I once got locked – by mistake – into a loo in a club I used to go to in my early twenties. Someone had to climb over the door with a screwdriver and let me out! That stopped me using a public loo for quite a long time!


  9. Judith I remember the first time I had that small operation on my knee, I was allowed to bath after about a week so excited, lots of lovely hot water bliss. I put my right leg in then lifted the left and it just got jammed the knee, was stuck so there I was standing on one leg looking like a stork. No way of moving. I was like this for about 4 to 5 mins very scary. The walk in shower I have now is a Godsend. I always have the phone in the bathroom now.


    • I do remember that small sister and I stayed with you when you came out of hospital for a few days (instead of going to Copenhagen as I recall) . You were a little shaky on thos e legs for a while. And you will recall that when you relaced the bathw ith a walk in shower you were not best pleased. Love 🙂


  10. Glad you made it out of the slippery tub without serious mishap, Judith. You’ve had enough casts for one year, eh?


  11. just catching up on posts, can you tell. This is too funny, first, because there was no injury involved and, second, because it happened to me and with the same bath oil as Chris!! I emptied the water, laid a towel down, after many futile and scary attempts to get out. Who knew the bathtub could become a prison!


    • Me too – catching up I mean. I am really glad to know that I wasn’t the only one. I could imagine my son in law telling everyone how they had to come and rescue me – I would never have lived that down.


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