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One of the bloggers I follow is Val Erde at Arty Old Bird.  Val is a very talented artist and generously allows us to use her art in our posts.

In a recent post Val asked Are You a Fan of Anything? and this was the piece of artwork that accompanied the question:

Painting - Quite a fan
Val saw this image as a fan obviously, but I saw it as a woman running  towards her future.  But on looking at it again and in further detail I see a woman swimming towards her destiny.  There are red, wild and dangerous waters behind her but mostly clear blue seas ahead.  What do you see in this painting?  I would love to hear from you and do go over and read the post from Val and all the comments.  Very illuminating.

Almost a year ago Val set us a challenge in one of her posts – “It can be drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, knitting, crochet, animation, digital artwork, poetry, dialogue, short story, anything creative that you like, really!”  To accompany the challenge and to act as inspiration she gave us this painting :

picture by Val Erde

Picture challenge by Val Erde

Val has now changed her blog and the original post is no longer available for me to give you the link.

I immediately saw a woman evolving and becoming and as I said at the time, I don’t paint, sculpt, knit, crochet or do any of the other things suggested by Val so  I wrote a poem having been reminded of one of my all time favourite poems Becoming the Woman I Wanted by Jayne Relaford Brown. 

While my poem in no way compares in the writing style of this poet, I was quite pleased with this my first attempt at writing poetry.  And in an unabashed show of self promotion, I am republishing it here.

This Woman I am Becoming

Memories flowing through me
Making me who I am
Warm thoughts to banish cold nights
And sunshine to dry the tears.

This woman I am becoming
Is learning patience
Learning grace
And learning that love is enough.

I am enjoying this woman I am becoming
She knows where she is going
And where she belongs
She has her place in the world.

So thank you Val for the inspiration and the use of your fabulous artwork.  I hope that I have followed the rules for using these pieces.  If you want to reproduce any of Val’s images please go to  to see the conditions for doing so.

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22 responses to “Art and Inspiration

  1. Your poem is lovely. I do see the woman in the pic and like that image. I also see the water and light flowing and merging as one…


  2. love the poem you wrote from that inspiration. Someday I’m hoping to meet the woman you are. Val is wonderfully generous and I resonate to the colours in her work.


  3. You should write more poetry!


  4. Yes, write more poetry, Judith! 🙂 As I said the first time round, your poem is lovely and very good.
    Thanks for posting my pic, I appreciate that. Also for the surprise of reposting the challenge artwork. I’m going to be reinstating the challenges in the near future, so this has given me a good nudge. 🙂


  5. Val’s artwork is vibrant and colorful, and your poetry flows with the ribbons of color. Enjoy seeing the two of you linked on a project.


  6. I really like the colorful artwork – especially the last one. And the poem you wrote is beautiful as well. Nice, artful post 🙂


  7. In Val’s artwork, I think I see a bird – a seagull.

    I really enjoyed your poem. (I’m definitely learning patience every day!) It reminds me of Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman.” Have you read that one?


  8. What a wonderful shout out to Val. I’ve been following her work for a while and have had several opportunities to vote on what I liked best when she asked for opinions. You’re a good friend Judith!


    • I think Val is one of the great bloggers. she is most helpful to those starting out and is generous in giving us the use of her images. I like to think of her as a friend, after all we did grow up quite close to each other in London, although we never met.


  9. Thanks for the introduction to Val’s work. She may have a new fan. Your poem is wonderful too.


    • Glad you liked Val’s work and thanks for the praise for mine. As I said above, Val is one of the most generous people in the blogging community and I am pleased and proud to call her friend.


  10. Hmmn, for the first picture, I can’t really SEE anything there, but I can FEEL and HEAR, and electric guitar and a serenade accompanying a long drink on a far away beach…
    The second is easy, it’s a single flower in a vase. 🙂 (probably a centre piece on a small round table next to the long cool drink. 😀


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    More thought from another time, another place. What a lot can change in four short years


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