The World Is Going To End

The house had been sold in record time and arrangements for her to move into the retirement facility had been accomplished without any hitch.

But now, sitting in her packed up house, Elizabeth thought “The world is going to end in three days time.”  Or at least the world as she had known it up to now.

She had moved into this house as a young bride 45 years ago and now she was to leave it behind.  She would be leaving many memories both happy and sad.  Memories of days when her children were young, the accidental death of her son and the wedding of her daughter.  These memories were shared with Charles, her beloved.  But after Charles died, life did begin to be lonely.  Her daughter had her own family to take up her time.  Her friends were moving away and the house and garden were beginning to be too large for her to manage on her own.

Reluctantly she had agreed to her daughter’s suggestion that they look at what retirement villages had to offer and which if any might suit her.  There followed weeks of looking at places that if one believed their brochures, were absolutely perfect for her, but mostly they didn’t live up to her expectations. She had almost given up hope of finding the right place.

And then one day, while at the supermarket, she met an old acquaintance.  After they loaded their shopping into their cars they went off for a coffee and a catch up.

Over coffee, Rex told her that he had recently moved into a splendid retirement village.  He had his own small house; there were plenty of leisure facilities and people of his own age  with whom to spend some cheerful time.  In return Elizabeth told him of her search for a place in which to live.  He had piqued her interest and they parted agreeing to keep in touch…..


Trifecta tricycle

This is my entry in this week’s Trifecta Challenge. It follows on Fireworks an earlier entry in the Challenge.

“For the weekend challenge, we’re playing the ambiguity card again and leaving interpretation up to you.  Give us 33-333 words with this as your inspiration:

The world will end in three days.

If you want to join in, click on the tricycle above and you will be taken to Trifecta’s blog that contains all the instructions.  Do have a go.  I promise you it is fun.

25 responses to “The World Is Going To End

  1. Nice story. A bit to close to home, at my advanced age, but I enjoyed it anyway because I like happy endings!


  2. You may be writing for a Trifecta Challenge Judith, but I’m truly enjoying the story and not even aware that you are working in the “rules”. Amazing! 🙂


  3. I am enjoying the unfolding of this story, very much. There is a gentleness and grace about it so is so appealing.


  4. I am enjoying your story, too. I saw the new prompt, and was pleased to find you were able to tie it into your story.


  5. I am not sure why but the end echoes a new beginning – at least to me. I also like the slow melancholy tone of the story .


    • Hi Ruby and thanks for dropping by. Yes I too see this as the beginning of another phase in life and expect to be writing more about Elizabeth in the weeks to come.


  6. This is the story my auntie Fran is going through right now so it really resonates with me.


  7. Nice – I’m glad she’s found a place that will work for her.


  8. Hmmmm….maybe we’ll read more about Rex later? I can relate to her feeling of the world coming to an end. I’ve felt this when I’ve moved from one phase of life into another.


  9. This story makes me think of my mom who we recently had to move into an assisted living complex. Dad passed away 5 years ago, 3 months before their 60th anniversary. Mom managed Ok for 4 years in their apartment but after breaking her hip a year ago she wasn’t able to manage on her own anymore. I am sure she felt the world had come to an end as well, although she handled it graciously as is her style.


    • Unfortunately it comes to many of us as we age. I am glad that things worked out well for your Mom and you managed to find her a good place. 🙂


  10. Thanks so much for linking up with us at Trifecta this weekend. I love the voice you bring to our community–we get a lot of love stories and those about change and growth, but not so many from this perspective. Your response was simply stated, but it left me honestly caring and feeling for your character. That’s a lot in such a small space. Hope to see you back soon.


    • I am really enjoying the challenges and shall return. I feel that there is a lot more to write about Elizabeth and the new phase in her life. Thanks for the comment.


  11. Ah, Elizabeth, it’s entirely possible that the world is about to begin in three days time.


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