What a Difference a Day Makes


“What a difference a day makes
Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain.”
As sung by Dinah Washington

After yesterday’s miserable Moaning on Monday post, Tuesday dawned with sunshine and no rain.  And after a good night’s sleep I was back to normal, looking for the positive in all things.

After a morning sitting at the computer beavering away for my real estate friend, Lotte and I went for our usual walk this afternoon.  I have talked written before about the bush that surrounds our city and the great walks that are available to us.  So we rugged up warmly (very cold again today) and set off.

Central Park, Brooklyn, NZ

We started our walk in Central Park (named after the area of the same name in New York).  The park separates Brooklyn (where I live) from the city.  The park was established in 1913 on Town Belt land, the park features among other things, a set of wrought-iron gates at its main entrance: gifted to the city and its inhabitants in 1920 by the then  Mayor, John Pearce Luke.

It is interesting to note that during World War II, American forces established a military camp in the park between 1942 and 1944. In October 1942 building work started with an initial requirement to accommodate 416 men of the US Marine Corps. The partly built camp could accept some occupants by 22 November 1942, and by July 1943 it could accommodate 540 personnel.

And just for fun

If you live in Brooklyn, New York where is the furthest you can go from your home  yet still arrive in Brooklyn? The answer is Brooklyn, Australia, about thirty miles from Sydney.  The distance is about 10.530 miles.

And the second furthest?  Why Brooklyn in Wellington, NZ.  The distance between Brooklyn, NY and where I live is about 8,946 miles.

Now back to our walk.

It was late afternoon; the sunshine had disappeared and it was shortly before sunset.  The sun set today June 26 at 5 pm.  The trees were pretty bare and in places the fallen leaves which were damp were rather treacherous to walk on.

Lotte has to be kept on a lead in this park but in Tanera Park in Brooklyn she can roam in the designated dog area without a lead.  So we left Central Park and went into Tanera.  There Lotte saw a couple of friends and two very large strangers.  I am constantly amazed that my little dog thinks she is the same size as these Rottweilers, Dobermans (Dobbermen?) et al that inhabit our world.  But after an initial sniff, they seem to get on well.

Feeling thoroughly invigorated, but very cold, we returned home to our warm house for hot chocolate for me and water and a sleep in front of the fire for Lotte.

So yes, this has been a good day and quite a different day to yesterday.

“Every day is a new opportunity.  You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again.”
Bob Feller, American Baseball Player. 1918 – 2010


23 responses to “What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. Nothing like a nice walk in the park!


  2. Glad you and Lotte braved the outside world for that walk in the park Judith. I can’t believe it’s so cold there when we are facing scorching heat by Thursday. Today is lovely though and it’s our day for the peach orchard! If I come to visit you, I can tell everyone I’m going to Brooklyn! And I’m going for a walk in Central Park with my sister-friend, Judith! And if you come here, it will be to my address in Glasgow, Virginia! 🙂


    • Hi Dor. I can’t believe how our connection gets better and better. For 8 years we lived just north of Glasgow, Scotland not Glasgow, Virginia. So if I tell my children I am going to Glasgow I know where they think I am off to! 😛


  3. I am glad the sun rose on a better day, Judith. Your walk sounded lovely. May the week continue to be filled with goodness and smiles.


  4. I think I could make myself at home if I leave Brooklyn, NY for Brooklyn, Australia, or Brooklyn, NZ! As long as Springer Spaniels are welcome. 🙂


  5. Glad today was a better day. 🙂
    I keep forgetting that you’re in wintertime and having to grab what little sunshine you can, we’re not having as much sunshine here as we hoped but I’ll post a few happy sunny pictures for you over the next few days. 🙂


  6. “… looking for the positive in all things.” These days, unfortunately, we really do have to look for them. In earnest.


  7. what a lovely walk, I can just see you, bundled up and enjoying the fresh air, with a smile on your lips.


  8. I’m glad today was better and you enjoyed your walk in Central Park 🙂


  9. So glad that dark cloud lifted and the sun returned to your soul. 🙂 Hot chocolate is just the thing after being out in the cold.


  10. Glad you had abetter day. The walk sounded great! It is so cool that the names of cities are shared all over the world.


  11. We have lots of English cities names here and some Dutch too. I think I may do a post on cities around the world sharing the same names. 🙂


  12. Getting outside, no matter what the weather, is invigorating. I hate bundling up and braving the cold in the winter, but once I’ve made the effort, I find it was well with it. It might as well be winter here. All I can do is sit inside and look out. Sigh.


    • I don’t know what is happening to the weather around the world. isn’t it supposed to be summer where you live? Everything seems to be mixed up.


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