Saturday Once Again

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How quickly the weeks pass and it’s already Saturday again and time for Six Word Saturday.  If you would like to participate please either click on the picture above or click this link.


I really do wonder what I could have done to upset WordPress so much that he/she/it determines which of my comments will be directed to the Spam folders of others, and which he/she/it will allow.  For some people whose email address is available I have written asking them to look in their spam folders.  May I once again ask the rest of you to do so?  Thanks.


So what else to talk about this Saturday?


Samsung TabletI am now gradually coming to grips with my latest technological toy – a Samsung 10.1 Galaxy tablet.  I am told that I have to change my thinking entirely – this from my daughter who has all the latest and greatest techno toys.  So this week I am doing just that.

And to prove just how clever I am, this post is being published on the tablet.

Samsung phone

And next week I am getting a new Samsung Galaxy 3 phone.  So this brain is being stretched at present, but I am loving all the new toys.

“There are toys for all ages”.
French proverb. or in French
” Il y a des jouets pour tous les âges “.**

** I have to confess I had help to get this just right.  This translation is almost exactly word-for-word.  A rare happening when translating English to other languages.

Photos – courteousy Samsung.

21 responses to “Saturday Once Again

  1. Ahhh good old WordPress. I am having all manner of issues navigating on my two blogs at the moment Judith. WP keeps telling me I must update my browser and WP is very reluctant to move to the stats etc. I think it is time my computer man had a look at my laptop as it has been a while……..but I’m not having problems on other blogs or websites…..

    The good news for your commenting is that your comment this morning on my post about the twilight sky came through nicely. Earlier in the week I did find your comment in my spam folder and I told WP that you were NOT SPAM!

    I hope you can clear your name of any spam connotations and get to grips with your new techno toys.

  2. You are moving forward to technology Judith! And I am sliding back. I have just given up on the Kindle and the Kindle Touch since both keep losing my places. It’s “real books” from now on! 🙂 Dor

    • Thanks Dor for the comment. I have found the tablet great when I am waiting for an appointment. I never did buy a Kindle so don’t know anything about them. 🙂

  3. I think a tablet would be nice, the screen size easier to read, and not as bulky as a laptop for travel. Be sure to let us know what you think of them when you get up to speed.

  4. I found you in the spam again, and un-spammed you, then you went into my comments to be approved list so I approved you ! It must be really frusrating but hopefully once everyone has done this it will settle down again. 🙂 Good luck.

  5. I bought an IPad last month and am really enjoying it. I love that I can sit on the couch or in bed and connect to everyone plus I use it for reading, instead of my EReader now.

  6. I’m getting tossed into SPAM folders too.
    I had the problem a few months ago.

    They can get the situation sorted out.

    • Hi Nancy – yes your comment went into my Spm folder. I have contacted Akismet again, they solved the problem last time. But it is a pain!

  7. Technology can be fun and frustrating at the same time. I didn’t have computer access this weekend, so I did all my blog reading/commenting on my Razr (smart phone). Reading was simple, but commenting got frustrating at times. There’s something to be said for a “real” keyboard 🙂 Good luck learning the ropes (and congrats on the tablet post!)

  8. Ooooh a new gadget. I love gadgets! Though I tend to play with the gadgets of others, which keeps my addiction at bay. (smile)
    Some of your comments have been pushed to spam, Judith. Why is that? No worries, I quickly unspam your comments.

    • This latest gadget was given to me my my real estate friend so that we could be in touch with the market at all times. My late husband would have been in his element with smart phones, tablets etc. He really loved gadgets. 😀

  9. ‘ . . . . but I am loving all the new toys.’
    I love the tablet for reading, occasionally that is. On the whole I still prefer books. My husband, Peter, uses the tablet like a computer. I’m not aiming to do this. Peter just loves all these new gadgets. I don’t. And I am the same age as he. However, I don’t plan to change my thinking in this regard. I think there’s a limit to the toys I can cope with! I so admire it when someone at an advanced age can still accept that a change in thinking is needed in order to keep up with changes.

    • I have just started using the tablet for many other things. I love that I can read books on it – so much better than the I-phone but still not as good as holding a printed book. My late husband would have been in his element with all the gadgets. Alas, he left us before they were available. 🙂

  10. Good for you, I’m hopeless with new technology! (Which is a annoying because I never used to be).

    If all your comments are being caught in the WordPress spam filter (which is called Akismet) you can contact them:

    • Hello again Val. Good to hear from you. Does that mean that you are feeling better. I do hope so.
      I have been in contact with Akismet and they respond that they are looking into it. But still the problem persists but only on some sites. Catching up on the alll blogs I haven’t read this week. Take care. 🙂

  11. PS. Generally though, people whose blogs are putting your comments in spam, need to teach the Akismet filter not to do it – which means asking them to repeatedly go to the spam filter and mark your comments as ‘not spam’.

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