Saturday again!

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It’s Saturday again so here we go.  If you would like to participate please either click on the picture above or click this link.

Just a typical winter Saturday in Wellington NZ

I rained heavily through the night.  Not that I heard it as I was in a deep, dreamless sleep for about 7 hours.  But this morning the evidence was there.  All the cars parked in the street were wet!

Toast and marmalade

I got up and made some tea and toast to take back to bed with my book for an hour.  Soon I was disturbed by the patter of hail on the roof.  That was so strong and hard that it left a white coating on the patio.

Wind blowing cloud

via Clipart

Having been disturbed I got up.  The hail and rain had gone to be replaced by (almost) gale force winds.  They were so strong that the patio furniture was blown around.

And now the sun is shining brightly.  So what else will the weather have in store for us today?


22 responses to “Saturday again!

  1. Keep warm and have a good weekend, Judith. Looks like the Southerlies are going to be around for a while–frost here this morning!


  2. Sounds like a few days ago in Colorado.


  3. In the mountains where I grew up the old folks used to say, “If you don’t like the weather, hang around; it’ll change in a few minutes.” 🙂


  4. When weather is like that, inside is the best place to be. Tea, toast and reading a book in bed sounds lovely!


  5. I bet Lottie only makes a quick dash out on days like this! Can’t say I blame her.


  6. Isn’t the weather brilliant ! 🙂
    I remember one of my girl’s old teachers saying it’s like school uniform, it gives everyone the chance to complain about the same thing. 😀


  7. Sounds much like June in England – I have to remind myself that this is your winter and it’s supposed to be our summer!


  8. My goodness! Glad it didn’t last long. Enjoy that sunshine!


  9. Marianne London UK

    I have been to Stratford upon Avon today.The weather was identical. Oh did I mention it is “Summer” here !


  10. Marianne London UK

    Meant to say it was on Saturday. Having a very Senior moment.XX


  11. I don’t much care for those high winds. We get them from time to time, but rarely on a day when one would like to have a breeze! lol


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