A Lovely New Word and a Challenge

Lotte in bed

Just don’t go on about it. Pleonasm is tiring.

Yesterday at Today I Think Patricia gave us the definition of the word pleonasm: the use of more words than necessary to express an idea, redundancy.

In my comment I said I would now have to find a use for the word and Patricia responded to let her know when and how I could work it into a conversation.  Well, I am not one to shirk a challenge, so here goes.

Prime Minister John Key

Photo credit NZ Herald

“Mr Prime Minister (we don’t have a President here in NZ) I think you should gather all your troops together and give them a lecture on pleonasm.  The speeches are far too long and very boring.”

Pres Obama and Gov Brewer

Can’t find photo credit. It’s on so many sites.

“Madam, can you please just cut to the chase.  Pleonasm is tedious”.

Photo from habitsforahappyhome.wordpress.com/

“Mum, pleonasm is wasted on me.  Just tell me in a few words what I did wrong.”

I now have to ask Patricia “Are these examples OK?”

And everybody else, what could you do with this lovely new word PLEONASM.

And no words are required to describe my rainbow.


My rainbow

18 responses to “A Lovely New Word and a Challenge

  1. This requires deep thought (which I am not capable of in the morning). If I ever come up with a way to use pleonasm in a conversation, you will be the first to know. 🙂


  2. Pleonasm – too long and boring
    I would say this about some sermons – homilies
    I love your rainbow, Judith.


  3. I like the illustrations! Well done.


  4. Well done! I am impressed…


  5. a new word combined with a good chuckle. What a great start to my day.


  6. I’m impressed that you were able to use this word in conversation. I promise you there is no way I can do the same without people looking at me funny. (It’s way too big of a word for me!)


  7. definitely chuckle-worthy : )


  8. This was quite funny. 😆


  9. I’m afraid I can’t retain new words anymore in my aging brain, but this one is great!


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