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So today I shall be busy with last minute chores so that I can leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  We have to be at the airport at 4am so we shall stay at a friend’s house overnight and then he will take us out to the airport.  What a good friend 🙂

Lotte is going to stay with him for the time I am away.  He is looking forward to that and she seems to settle in wherever I leave her.  She has her coat, her brush, her rug and a couple of toys so she will be fine.

Tai Chi

6am Tai Chi at The Golden Door

When I have been to the Golden Door before I haven’t had access to the internet.  Things may have changed but I suspect I shall not be writing blogs until I return.

And in case you think this is a holiday, here is a typical day at Queensland’s Golden Door:

  • 6.15am   Welcome a new day with Tai Chi Qi Gong at sunrise.
  • 6.45am   Enjoy a guided bush walk on our pink, blue or green courses; or Get wet and wild with deep water running in the bottom pool or challenge yourself with high intensity spinning class.
  • 8.00am  Buffet breakfast of seasonal fruit, Golden Door signature muesli and specialty breakfast cuisine.
  • 9.00am  Morning stretch class held in the gymnasium, a gentle and relaxing way to start your day.
  • 9.30am-11.00am  A health & wellbeing workshop aimed at providing you with the knowledge to make positive lifestyle changes.
  • 10.45am   A healthy and nutritious morning tea served in the dining room.
  • 11.00am – 1.00pm  Take part in the various daily exercise activities and spa treatments available. Try something new or take a challenge.
  • 1.00pm   A sumptuous buffet lunch served in the dining room.
  • 2.00pm-6.00pm    Choose from a variety of activities and seminars available to enjoy. Indulge at the spa where your relaxing massage, refreshing body treatment or luxurious beauty treatment awaits.
  • 3.45pm  A healthy and nutritious afternoon tea served in the dining room.
  • 6.30pm  Be rewarded after a busy day with a mouth watering buffet dinner created by our Executive Chef David Hunter and his team.

But it is enjoyable and I always come back renewed and filled with great plans for the future.  They usually last about two weeks, but hey it’s fun.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
World Health Organization, 1948

30 responses to “Saturday

  1. Sounds divine…enjoy!


  2. i am really looking forward to it.


  3. Have a simply marvelous tiem and tell us about it when you return.


  4. Enjoy every meditative moment! 😀


  5. I can’t wait until you return to hear more of the details! What a wonderful refresher and how I wish I could join you. P.S. I have just signed up to follow you from my new blog site. Dunno why that’s necessary but it seems to be.
    Will miss you over the next few weeks! “Sis” Dor


  6. Christine in Los Angeles

    At what time do ‘they’ rouse you, to start exercising 6.15am? And the clock(a custom job, I’m sure), do you bring it home as a souvenir? I checked the four clocks in my apartment, and find none that shows signs of life before 7am. I’ll join you for a massage/spa treatment, at 2pm.
    Be healthy.
    God bless, Christine


    • Oh they knock on the door at about 5.40 am and you don’t have to get up but you do have to acknowledge the wakeup. It’s not so bad as Queensland is 2 hours behind us so the first morning that you are called at 5.40 is really 7.40am and after that your body just wakes you in time. More on this later. And yes do join me for spa treatments later in the day. 🙂


  7. Indulge. indulge. indulge and bring back some relaxation for us. 😉


  8. This sounds great. Enjoy!


  9. I was so far behind it seems I missed your departure … but I’m almost caught up and looking forward to your return. Hope you had fun. 😀


  10. I, too, missed your departure, but I can’t wait to hear more when you return. It sounds fabulous!


  11. I was missing you. Now that I read this post, I realize why you have not been present in the blogosphere. I trust you are enjoying yourself. I look forward to hearing about your week.


  12. this sounds absolutely marvelous.


  13. I hope you are having the time of your life, Judith. 🙂


  14. You’re right, Judith, I might want to indulge at the Golden Door in the Hunter Valley, NSW. And my husband would probably love it too. But first we have to save up for it. This year we are already committed to travel to Berlin. We leave on the 8th of September. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some blogs about my experiences in Berlin.
    The program at the Golden Door looks absolutely wonderful. So good for your health, isn’t it? I’m glad you enjoyed it.


    • Hello again Uta. They often have special like 2 for one which is what we did this time and two women were there who had got their special five days each for $900 from (I think). Enjoy your trip to Berlin. I have never been there but I have it on my wish list. 🙂


  15. Thanks for the tip, Judith. We’re going to look out for the specials when the time comes. Now it’s only three more months to our departure for Berlin. I am sure we’re going to enjoy what Berlin has to offer.


  16. Hi,yes, I am Uta. I’ll try to let you know a bit about Berlin, hopefully with some pictures.


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